Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Golden Christmas Tree

Christmas was a once a year event to gather with our father, mother, grandpa, grandma, son, and daughter to have dinner together in Christmas eve. A very joyful day to gather with our family and relative.

This month is December and not for long Christmas will come to town. We will celebrate it with glory and maybe luxurious, of course if we have more money.

Christmas is near, we often see a Christmas tree decorated with ornament and colorful light but this, you must have not seen it.

A jewelery shop in Osaka, Japan exhibited a golden Christmas tree that was covered with 24K gold and decorate with diamond and pearls.

Cool huh. It's will cost you $1,6 million. A very high price for a Christmas tree.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Planning For A Holiday???

Have you decided where do you want to go for this year end holiday???
Maybe this can be a reference for you to enjoy ???

An exclusive tennis in Dubai on Burj Al Arab hotel.

A new beach resort in Japan.

Las Vegas thrill ride.

Mountain tracking.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Transparent Floor

Ever wonder how it feels like to walk in thin air? I think you can experience that kind of feeling if you visit this building. A Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, Europe.

It's floor was made from a special glass that can withstand a high pressure.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flying Car Generation

Technology always developed from time to time and become more advance to help facilitate human to do their job. Just like this one gadget to ease people to travel from one place to another without being caught in a traffic.

Many have said that to flight a helicopter was so difficult. But the assumption could be skimmed, because a helicopter was designed in such ways to looks like a car.

How to drive it was the same just like driving a car. A helicopter that was more like a car was called the Moller M4000. The Moller M4000 Skycar consisted of 4 seats. However this seat could not be folded.

The Moller could fly 600 foot high with a 1200 kilometer distance. This helicopter indeed was designed as simple as possible. Because its simplicity you can fly it with ease.

Its also more easy to flight compared with another helicopter type. The helicopter initiators also gave one more superiority. The fuel that was used to undertake The Moller more frugal compared with Land Rover or Porche.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football Fanatics Web

Don't called yourself a football freak if you haven't visit this website. A fun interactive website with full movie clip and maybe you can win a coupon to watch the football game live.

This is a website you have to, got to, and must to visit if you are really a football fanatics. All about football and its related topics.

You can even learn a few dance moves from the clip to celebrate or greet the world cup.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Stop To Do Good Deeds

Once upon a time there's a poor boy who sold cookie from door to door. He was so hungry but he only have several penny in his pocket.

This boy decided to ask for food from the next house. But the boy lost his courage when a young woman who opened the door. The boy finally not asked for food, he only dare to ask for a glass of water.

This young woman saw and think that this boy definitely hungry, because of that she brought a big glass of milk. The boy drank it slowly, and afterward asked, "How much I must pay for this big glass of milk?" The woman answered: "You don't have to pay anything". "Our mother taught to not accept payment for good deeds" the woman added. The boy afterward finished his milk and said"From inside of my heart I was grateful to you."

So many years have past, this young woman was very ill and critical. The doctors in the city wasn't able to cure her. They finally send her to the big city, where a specialist doctor who could handle this rare illness. Dr. Howard Kelly was called to carry out the inspection. At the time he heard the name of the origin city of this woman, gushing out a strange glimmer in Dr. Kelly's eyes. Immediately he rose and hurried to descend through the hospital hall, to the woman's room.

At once he recognized the woman in first glance. He went back to the consultations room and decided to carry out his best efforts to rescued woman's life. From that day, he always give special attention to the woman.

After through a long struggle, finally Dr.Kelly achieve victory. The woman recovered. Dr. Kelly asked the hospital financial department to send all the medical expenses and the bill to him for an agreement.

Dr. Kelly saw it, and wrote something on the bill upper corner, and afterward sent it to the woman's room. The woman was frightened to open the bill, she really convinced that she can not pay this bill although she must pay it for all her life.

Finally she encourage herself to read the bill, and saw something interesting on the bill upper corner. She read the note. It was written "Paid full with a big glass of milk, signed Dr Howard Kelly." The tears of happiness flooded her eyes. She prayed "Lord, thank you, your love filled all the earth through the human heart and hands"

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Unconditional Love

Five years of my marriage with Ellen was really a difficult time. Each day more and more no harmony between us. We fought because of trivial matters. Because Ellen late to opened the fence when I came home from work. Because of the table in the lounge room corner that she bought without discussed it with me, for me it only waste money.

Today, on August 27 was Ellen's birthday. We quarreled this morning because Ellen late to wake me up. I was annoyed and not a single word to wished her happy birthday, and don't kiss on his brow that normally I do in her birthday. At night about 7 PM, Ellen already 3 times contacted me to ask me to come home early and ate dinner with her, of course I ignored it.

It's 10 PM, I tidy up my table and get ready to go home. Rain descend very swift, has been late at night but the road still is congested, I was really annoyed by this situation. Imagining to come home and meet Ellen made me increasingly annoyed! Finally I've arrived at home at 12 AM, 2 hours trip from work to home that usually I only needed 1 hour.

I see Ellen asleep in the lounge room sofa. I stopped in front of her for a moment and gazed at her face. “She's really beautiful”, I said. I took a breath and left, i remembered that i was very annoyed with her.

I entered the room. On my wife vanity table I saw a book, a thick chocolate book that belongs to my wife. For years Ellen wrote her life story in that chocolate book. Since before married, she never permitted me to read it. This is it! I don't care about Ellen, I reach that chocolate book and opened its page by page randomly.

February 4, 1996
Thanks God for your most valuable gift for me, Vincent, my first boyfriend who will become my last boyfriend.

Hmm. I smiled, Ellen was convinced that I who will become her husband.

September 6, 2001
By coincidence I see Vincent ate dinner with another woman and laughed intimately. Lord, I hope that Vincent still be mine.

My heart feels like to stop...

October 23, 2001
I found a gratitude letter for Vincent, for the lovely candle light dinner on a birthday of a woman named Melly. Who is she Lord?

My heart really feels like to stop. Melly, a woman that close with me when my relations with Ellen reached 5 years. Melly, that consequently I almost wanted to sever my relations with Ellen. I decide not to meet with Melly again after close with her for 4 months, and decided to stay loyal to Ellen. I really don't know that Ellen knew my relations with Melly.

January 4, 2002
I was approached by a woman named Melly, she insulted me and said that Vincent was cheat on me. Lord, gave me the strength.

How possibly that Ellen was as strong as that, she had not said anything or cried in front of me after knowing that i cheated on her. I knew Melly, she must have made Ellen's really hurts with sharp words. I'm breathless, I was unable to imagined what Ellen felt at that time.

February 14, 2002
Vincent propose me in our sixth engage celebration. Oooo Lord what should I do? Please give me a sign what answer i have to give.

February 14, 2003.
A very fantastic Sunday, I became Mrs. Alexander Vincent William. Thank you Lord!

July 18, 2005
Our first dispute as a family. I hoped I will not make the tea too sweet anymore. Lord, helped me so that I can be more careful made a tea for my husband.

April 7, 2006.
Vincent mad at me, I fell asleep when he came home from work so he was waiting in front of the house for hours. All day long I was at the mall looking for Vincent's favorite watch, I want to buy the watch for his birthday that remained 2 days more. Lord, gave peacefulness in Vincent's heart so that he was not angry with me anymore, I will not sleep in the afternoon again if Vincent haven't come home yet although I was tired.

I began to cry, Ellen tried to make me happy but I mad at her without wanting to listen for her explanation. The watch was my favorite watch that I used until today, I not realize that she bought it with great difficulty.

November 15, 2007
Vincent needed a table to place coffee in the lounge room, he liked to read in that corner. Lord, helped me saved some money so that I could buy a table, a Christmas gift for Vincent

I could hold my tears anymore, Ellen never said that the table was a Christmas gift for me. Yes, she indeed bought it in Christmas eve and placed it the same day in the corner. I could not open the following page. Ellen really was given a strength from the Lord to love me unconditional. I went out of the room, I kissed Ellen's brow and she woke up. Forgive me Ellen, I Loved You, Happy Birthday.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 2000 Years Old Earrings

An ancient earrings have been found and the archaeologist predict that this earring was 2000 years old.
This earrings was found underneath a parking area next to an ancient city in Jerusalem. The prehistoric Israel department said that the earrings that was found inlaid in gold, pearls and emerald.

It was estimated that this earrings was made in the time of Jesus.

According to the statement that was delivered by the prehistoric Israel department, the earrings that was found still in a good condition. It was found during the excavation in a building ruins that was built in the Bizantium period. Evidently the excavation of the building was historic. This was proven with the discovery of this beautiful earring in the excavation site.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unthinkable 7 World Wonders

A group of students is discussing about "The 7 World Wonders". At the beginning of the lesson, they'd asked to make a list which are they think the 7 world wonders at this time. Although having several mismatch, most of the list was
  • The Pyramid
  • Taj Mahal
  • Great Wall of China
  • Pisa Tower
  • Angkor Wat Temple
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Parthenon Temple
When gathering the list, the teacher look to a student, a quiet girl, that hasn't gathered her working paper. So, the teacher asked her whether she had difficulty with her list. The quiet girl answered, “A little. I could not choose because it was so many.” The teacher said, “Okay, tell us what you got, and possibly we could help you chose."

The girl hesitant for a moment, afterward she said, “I thought, The 7 World Wonders are .."
  • can see,
  • can hear,
  • can touch,
  • can love,
She silence for a moment and continued
  • can feel,
  • can laugh,
  • and, can be loved
The class room silence. Really was easy for us to see in the exploitation of humankind and called it “wonders”. While we see what God granted to us as a common thing.

I hope this day reminded about all the things that really miraculous and a wonders in your life.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Human Train

I think this Pakistanian is crazy, they even don't spare an inch on that train to step on.

From the inside, the door, the roof, and all the train part full of people. It's looks like a human train. This unique and dangerous things was really not appropriate to do was seen when thousands of people came home from attending the Sunni Muslim Festival in Multan, the old city in Pakistan.

The mass that attend this annual agenda that was organize by Dawat-e-Islami was talked about the second most crowded event in the world after the pilgrim ritual in Mekkah.

Multan was the sixth biggest city in Pakistan. An old city with 3.8 million population was considered as the people's holy city at the same time becoming the center of piety for South Asian Muslim.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Blue Rose

Can you imagine a rose with a blue color? It must be beautiful and tempted. Rose is the most beautiful flower in the world (for me though), but now it comes with a blue color, you got to have one of these.

In an annual fair, in Flower Expo Makuhari Messe di Chiba, Japan. This flower was exhibited. The blue rose, become a mystery and very rare. Rumor said that to produce this kind of flower needed years researches.

But the blue petal that's produce still not blue enough, but can be said that this is successful. Because in the last research it always failed.

After researching for 13 years The Suntory Company that came from Japan co-operated with Florigene Company from Australia succeeded in developing this flower. From a dreams could become a realization.

The researchers from the two companies took delphinindin gene from petunia flower. This gene that produced the blue color. Further work on the rose using RNAi technology to depress the production of cyanidin produced a mauve colored flower, with only trace amounts of cyanidin.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poisoned Milk and Its Effect

This is important!!!!

How to avoid poisoned milk?
Watched the news, the news always update and actual. No one can tell us spesifics what kind of food we can and can't eat.

Because this problem so serious.

  1. What exactly a poisoned milk?

    Melamine usually used for ceramics plate and furniture just like picture bellow, and its not eatable
  2. Why can it be mixed with the milk?
    Powder milk made from cow milk, the most important from milk was protein, melamine was look alike a powder milk and if it mixed with powder milk can reduce the cost. Is this picture look alike a powder milk to you? Its tasteless so untraceable.
  3. When was it detected?
    In 2007, american cat and dog and foods from China was detected and contaminate with this kind of material. And in 2008, kidney stones disease in Chinese babies increased.

    In August 2008 San Lu milk brand was tested and contaminate with melamine.
    In September 2008, New Zealand government ask the Chinese government to solve this problem.
    In September,21 2008, in Taiwan there was so many product that contaminate with melamine.
  4. What kind of effect if it eaten?
    It will flow and stop in your kidney, become a stone, and block you kidney. It's so painful, anyone with kidney stone can't urinate and the kidney become swallowed. Even if we can operate and remove the kidney stone, the kidney already injured and we lost our kidney function, to stay survive we must kidney wash, if not we could died because of the urine poison. What is kidney wash? It similar to blood wash, which to cleanse the all the blood in our body, flow it out and processes with some kind of machine and flow it back to the body.

    The process can take 4 hours. For a critical patient need to wash 3 times a day, till the end of your age.
    The babies can be so serious because their kidney was small and babies food only milk so kidney become worse more faster.
  5. Poisoned Brand

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