Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Hell City

Have you ever heard the term "Hell on Earth"..? Apparently the term could be really felt if we have try to visit the ten cities that could be said 10 Hell Cities in the World.

Number 10
Baghdad, Iraq
Type of Hell: Conflict
It's very startling that the cheap flight filled the week end to Baghdad. The serious broken city because of the war in Saddam Husein period. Since the US invasion, theft, kidnapping, sexual crime and the slaughter of troops happen every where. Almost of the big the road in this city become a wide meadow.

Number 9
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Type of Hell: Pollution
The famous city with many cracks, was Dhaka. Beside instability of politics, military pressure and the chaos from warfare and the natural disaster, Bangladesh face a crisis that was abundant with the highest level of pollution. The industry that fill this city bring a bad impact for its environment, continually 9,7 million tons of waste was throw away through the river in the city each year.

Number 8
Yakutsk, Russia
Type of Hell: Environmental Extreme
The coldest place on earth, often the temperature fell to -58 Fahrenheit, and if that happen, the children will be force to stay at home. The thick fog could only make your eyes gaze at not more than 10 m.

Number 7
Mogadhisu, East Africa
Type of Hell: Lawlessness

The city where the hierarchy was forever in negotiation. In 1992 the revolt happened every where with thousands of cases and the long dry season as well as hunger in each territory. Mogadishu, of course will not be found on your holiday brochure.

Number 6
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Type of Hell: Radiation

If you had not heard Chernobyl, the condemned city, possibly you did not want to stay there because of the radiation danger until this last decade. The nuclear explosion during 1986 destroyed and contaminated all the organic creatures in this place.

Number 5
Oklahoma City, United States
Type of Hell: Natural Disasters

The bad time to visit here was during March up to August, the unpredictable weather, this was the city with the most tornado disaster in US, until making this city apparently like the The Day After Tomorrow movie.

Number 4
Pyongyang, North Korea
Type of Hell: Oppression
The city that was full with pressure, this city only have one tv channel and a radio station that were controlled by the government. To go out of the city anyone must ask for permission first. Basically you will feel so happy for leaving this city.

Number 3
Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi
Type of Hell: Corruption
With the lower income figure per capita, this country became the poorest country in the planet. And that was frightening there often happens a murder to a politics leaders, there isn't a place that was suitable to go to honeymoon here.

Number 2
Linfen, China
Type of Jell: Darkness
The biggest population city according to the Time magazine, very faint and dark that made this city like hell. The air here was full of pollution of coal, and the road that were very densely populate with emissions. You must move further away, although you use a mask, because that could not rescue you, move further away and didn't have to return to this city.

Number 1
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Type of Hell: Disease

More than 115 sufferers the HIV emerge each month, this city became great list the worst place to live in the world, was based on the voting of economics intelligent during 2004. The population improve often was not controlled here, the case of rape, theft achieve the highest figure 23 fold times from London. There was a Gang that was famous that succeed in stealing money in the bank with the M16 rifle.

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