Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blogging Caused Death

For some people write a blog was a pleasant activity. However blogging activity was pointed out causes a high risk, especially for that already too much addiction.

The desire to continue updating your blog could be very dangerous. The danger in blogging came from the famous United States media, New York Times reported the death of the two famous technology blogger of the country.

It was Russel Shaw (60) and Marc Orchant (50), two blogger that experience a heart attack and died. The death of the two blogger was expected because their frequently wrote blog until experiencing a health problem. The motivation to continue write blog because many prepared sides paid blogger if their article was good and up to date.

This what cause the pressure and cause the health problem. Blogger indeed must compete 24 hours a day to be that was best. Of course for that wrote blog only for fun, the risk like above will not approach.

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