Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carrots For Stroke

People only knew that carrots for our eyes health because of it has a very high vitamin A. But this crop had a greater usefulness. The vegetables that were known as a rabbit favorite food could prevent stroke.

A stroke person, if often consume vitamin A, will experience less neurological damage and had the opportunity to recover. This was cause because the brain did not receive oxygen for so long, like in stroke, the cell begin experience a malfunction that cause the series of incident and reach its peak when there was an oxydatif nerve cells damage, and this condition could be stifle if there was a lot of vitamin A in the blood.

A research showed, consume carrots at least five times a week could reduce the affected risk of stroke as far as 68 % when being compare with that ate carrots only one time in a month.

This antistroke usefulness also was cause by the activity of the beta carotene that prevent the occurrence of the plaque or the pile of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Beta carotene was the most active pigment if compare with alpha or gamma carotene. Usually beta carotene was known as pro-vitamin A that will become vitamin A in the small intestine wall.

Not anyone want to get stroke and die young. Prevent been better than treated, learn from nature, because from nature we often found many benefit. Carrots that were known as vegetables, evidently could keep away us from death.

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