Monday, April 28, 2008

Chocolate for Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Eat as many chocolate as you can. Consume a delicious chocolate while pregnancy could help reduce the risk of a serious complication like preeclampsia or pregnancy poisoning.

Like the new results of American research that was written by Dr. Elizabeth W. Triche from the Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, the USA and her colleague.

Chocolate, especially black chocolate, was rich with theobromine. This material stimulate the heart, relax the muscle and was use to treat chest pain, hypertension and the hardening of the artery.

Preeclampsia was a condition where blood pressure rose for pregnancy when the protein surplus was released to urine.

In this study, the researchers research 2291 women who gave birth. They were asked about how many chocolate they ate during the first and third trimester pregnancies. The researchers also test the theobromine level in the blood of the umbilical cord. Theobromine could improve the circulation in the placenta.

Evidently, a woman who consume most chocolate and the baby who had the highest theobromine concentration in their umbilical cord blood, smallest possibility to experience preeclampsia.

They who were categorize consume most chocolate was who ate five or more chocolate per week during the first and third trimester pregnancies.

Whereas they who were categorize consume least chocolate was them who ate chocolate less than once per week.

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