Monday, April 7, 2008

Dangerous Trojan

A software called BackDoor Guard actually hidden a very dangerous Trojan. It only pretense to protect your computer. After installed it would open a backdoor to download new spyware onto your machine to give the attacker remote control over a compromised PC.

Taking control of your computer isn't enough, if you restart your computer after installation it would block your access to your desktop and open a website. Here was said that there is a problem with their license and you must contact premium telephone number.

This would charged US$ 20 per conversation and even the attacker use his own number 0900. The website will be presented a pin number which must be given when phoning. Afterwards like that was promised the caller will get the activation number to unblocked Desktop access.

If you didn't live in Germany and could not contact this number, you must use a satelit number. Certainly this cost more expensive.

To remove this trojan was very simple. Just start Windows XP in Safe Mode and delete "locker.exe" in Windows directory.

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