Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Early Detect Your Illness with MEDGle

Reluctantly to go because of various reasons or wanted to get first diagnosis before going to the doctor? Why don't you visit MEDgle that provide the service to diagnose your illness based on the symptoms.

It provided two methods of determining the illness that fall on you. The first method fill input box in the "Symptoms" tab to search the answer. The second were with chose one by one your body member who experience the disturbance and symptoms who often emerge. Simply click one of the pictures of the body member which was provided. Apart from providing a free service diagnose, MEDgle could help you to find what kind of medicine that was exact for the illness that you are suffering. This function could be found in "Drugs" tab.

This service could not possibly replace the function of the doctor, but could be useful when you want as soon as possible to know the early picture any illness that possibly fall on and carried out an early prevention.

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