Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Devils Pool

For the challenge lover, swim in Devils Pool or the devils swimming pool was the appropriate choice. Why not, his location on the lip of Victorian Falls, the world biggest waterfall with 180m height and 1,7km long.

Accordance with its name, Devils Swimming Pool, this swimming pool was believe as the most dangerous in the world. Devils not made by man but the natural hole in the biggest waterfall that was locate in the Zimbabwean border with Zambia.

The row of natural coral that emerge exact on the chasm lip and the hole on the end of the waterfall could be made for swimming place when water was shallow and not swift.

Usually during September up until December. At a time like this, the swimmers could in fact peek to the bottom of the chasm from the end of the waterfall without frighten drag by the swift.

Each year the devils pool was flooded by tourists who wanted to see the bottom of the waterfall of its peak.

Several in fact dare to allow themselves to be carried by the swift flow down to the waterfall lip before being unable to go any further because of the coral. Beneath them, 108 m far the Zambezi River flowed swift.

In a months apart from September to December, that dared to swim in the Devils would be drag and throw in the Zambezi riverbed because the obstacle coral on the waterfall lip submerge by the flowed swift.

Known by the name of Mosi-oa-Tunya or the smoke rumble in the local language, this waterfall spill 500 million liter of water each minute from the waterfall lip that the length not less than 1,6 km.

The rainbow that was produce by this waterfall in fact could be seen from the distance of 48 km.

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