Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sleeps Without Underwear

The function of underwear like the function of outside clothes, that is to protect our body from dirty outside environment. This means that, as the patron our clothes should always be clean inside out so that we are freest from illness.

In the night, during fall asleep, its important to maintain the cleanliness and the health of our body as well as the reproduction organ through clothes that we were put on. Paid attention. Slept clothes or pajamas almost always resembling lax.

The design indeed to increase sleep comfort and the health of our body. There was a more scientific reason, like that was raised by Dr Maruyama from Sapporo, Japan. According to him, while we in the sleep situation, that would be better if we did not use underwear, moreover underwear that usually adheres tight on our body. He said, clothes that press the stomach or the chest could press certain nerves in our body so as to influence the function of our organ.

Results of several experiments that were carry out of producing the reality that the strictness of underwear adhere to our body could cause the emergence of various deviations to our body, like diarrhea, constipation, headache, to itchiness. Dr Bunkichi from Tokyo, Japan, also support the opinion of Dr Maruyama. He said, the woman who wore underpants and bra while sleeping, moreover that was put on tightly, could experience the respiratory tract allergy through to finally disrupt the relevant daily activity.

The available fact show that the illness sufferer resulting from the tight underwear use increasingly increase. Named, for example, the number of sufferers of the respiratory tract allergy in 1991 more of the 1990. After being investigate evidently the increase in the number of sufferers was resulted in by the use of underwear (trousers/BRA) that was increasingly tight. Evidently the tight underwear users increasingly day by day because they want to look slim.

According to the cosmetic experts, the breasts size/hip of a girl, for example, could be pressed as far as 25 percent only by using tight underwear. However, don't be wrong, all that were quite fake. For we that still the adolescent but also still wasn't skill enough for maintain the health of the body, took off underwear gaze at sleep really was suggested.

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