Monday, April 21, 2008

Facts About Brain

Brain was the vital organ that function as the center control and control of all the systems in the body. It also was the center of intelligence or the center of the capacity to think.

Therefore, since the child was born until knowing everything in their environment, the child's brain must be immediately stimulate. The method is, by introduce the child in many matters in the environment around us whether that the animal, plants, as well as number and a simple word.

This is the fact on the child's brain:
  1. The scientists said that 50 % the capacity of children's brain was formed in their 6 first years.
  2. The environment give the dramatic effect on the development of the pre-school brain.
  3. The activity in the brain create a small electricity flow that was mention as sinapsis and the number of stimuli that was accept by your baby got the direct effect how sinapsis that was form.
  4. The stimulus repeatedly strengthen this tie and made it to be permanent, whereas the new electric current that was use had finally died.
  5. The baby had the biologic requirement and the spirit to study.
  6. The network of the foundation in the brain sinapsis was almost complete after the development of the brain that was so fast in 3 first years.
  7. Increasingly many stimuli that could be given to the baby indicate more circuits that were formed to increase their studying capacity in the future.
  8. The visual stimulus could increase the development of the brain including increasing curiosity, attention and concentration.
  9. The best toy for the baby was you! Interact with the baby as often as possible.
  10. If you praise your baby you and always give them spirit, their will be encourage to study and tend faster understood.
Therefore, if the two sides of the right brain and left was stimulate exactly, children could then develop their genius's capacity normally without the difficulty.

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