Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Girls Have More Tendency To Have an Affair

The facts that woman had the potential that as same as a man to have an affair definitely was known. But in fact woman indeed more often desired an affair.

Everyone had all kind of sex fantasy. The newest research reveal, most women had the fantasy to be in love with the person that is not her couple.

A London TV station carry out the survey to 1,100 women concerning their sexual fantasy. It was really startling, 1 from 3 women desire sexual relations with a man that is not his couple.

The man in their fantasy usually someone who was admired or their boss. Approximately 27% of this women also fantasize to cheat her couple.

The funny parts was 16% of them also said that they want to have lesbian sex.

Whereas 2% from the respondents admit want to steal their friends couple. Maya Bhose, the spokesperson from this TV station reveal that various fantasies that were experience by the women might be because of the influence from TV program that was watch by them.

That was most startling from results of the research of being 9% female that was surveyed admit that they want to starred a porn movie.

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