Friday, April 25, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Don't think that happiness could be measure from how much money or wealth do you have. The very minimal condition could precisely make a person happy.

A results that receive by The New Economics Foundation (NEF) investigation agency appointed the Vanuatuan island that located in the South Pacific as the happiest place on earth.

This assessment was compile based on the issuing level of the community, the age of the life expectancy and the level of the happiness, not with the success benchmark of economics of a country such as the gross domestic product.

The research aim was to show that happiness mustn't be relate to wealth and the high issuing level.

Vanuatu was a small state island in the South Pacific with the inhabitants 209,000 people and not quite a rich country. Its economy depend on small-scale agriculture and the tourism industry.

Vanuatu gross domestic product only occupied at 207 level from 233 countries. However, this country community live happy. Marke Lowen from the Vanuatuan Online said the Vanuatuan people could be happy because of being use to the very minimal condition.

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