Wednesday, April 16, 2008

High Sex Hormone = High Income

Did you know, that the number of hormones could influence the number of incomes.

Coates and Joe Herbert, the researcher from the Cambridge University, England carried out a research by counting the amount of sex hormone like Testosterone and Cortisol.

The testosterone influence the aggressive behavior, self-confidence and courage to took the risk. Whereas cortisol more in the capacity and courage to make the prediction.

When the number of the two hormones was high, then efficiency of the men automatically increase. They were more aggressive to look for opportunity and dare to take the risk of undertaking the matter that was new in their work. That finally had influence the performance of his career.

The higher the testosterone and cortisol, the higher work performance and self confidence. Because of that not surprise if people with high testosterone and cortisol also had a good position in their company.

Definitely, the higher the position and good career also meaning that the bigger income.

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