Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Less Sleep More Fat

Had a difficulty arranging the weight that increasingly day after day? Ask to your self, has your sleep pattern arrange correctly? Because the length of sleep time really influence the weight.

The ideal sleep time was approximately 7-8 hours each night. However occasionally the high activity made the sleep pattern to change. Sleep time tend to decrease. However if you thought the shortage of sleep time will make the body weight decrease, you blunder.

A research that was carried out by Dr. Michael Sateia from Dartmouth Medical School in Lebanon give a results that someone with the sleep hour less than 6 hours will be risky experience obesity. This matter was cause, when someone don't get enough sleep, they will having an excessive hungry feeling. Because of that the body weight will be easily very much increase. Moreover the body fatigue resulting from the shortage of sleep time made someone not to have the extra power to sport.

More than 9 hours sleep time also were not good. Because the body will have a minimal activity and automatically stockpiled fat.

So, arranges your sleep time now!

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