Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Life, High Performance for Notebook Battery

Lithium-ion battery had the high achievement and was easy to be use, but only when being handle with care. With this tips your battery will stay strong just like new one despite has charge for hundreds of times.

Basic matters for li-ion.
The age of li-ion battery really depend on 3 things.
First, you only could charge it for 500 times.
Two, battery cells will grow old and its age only 2-3 years, use or not.
Three, generally depend on its storage method (the temperature and environmental humidity). When being handle wrongly, the battery capacity would fast descend through to 50%. So to get high performance as for a long time as possible paid attention to a few points below.

  • Be careful when charging. Every time you connected the notebook to the electricity, the battery would be charge, no matter it full or not. In business notebook like Thinkpad from Lenovo, the chip will count the charging cycle and activate the charging process only when the battery capacity descend through a certain value. This method could reduce the number of cycles and increase the battery age. Cheap notebook consumer usually does not have that kind of function. Here, you who must observe the condition of the battery before connected the notebook to the electricity. Charge the battery if it almost empty, approximately by 10%.
  • Kept correctly when notebook often operate on through the electricity. Better pull out the battery and kept it with the contents around 60%. The storage place approximately around 15oC and not humid.

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