Monday, April 28, 2008

The Most Comfortable Prison

Prison possibly not forever bad, gloomy and spooky. This was prove by a prison in Brough, East Yorkshire, England.

EVERTHORPE, was more appropriate to called it a hotel. Moreover, its prisoners were reluctant to escape because of the comfortable atmosphere in the prison.

The Everthorpe prison was a type C prison that was occupied by 700 prisoners and really resemble a hotel.

Its cells were very clean, the bed was equip with soft mattress, a refrigerator, a wash-basin, a table and breakfast. Each cell was supplement with window as an air ventilation.

Not only that, the prison cell was so comfortable because of being equip by television and its occupants could watch cable TV. Illegal drugs could still be gotten with a lower price compare with buying it outside.

A prisoner recently said to the Minister of Justice Jack Straw, that the condition in the prison was similar with holiday camp. The prisoners also said how lovely it is to live in the prison by being accompany with satellite TV and a video game console.

This condition clear made the ministry's anger of English justice.
Moreover the jailer who ought to be obeyed by the prisoners even to the attendant.

Nick Herbert from the Department of Justice acknowledge the prison as a failed detention center system. "Prison necessarily a place to work hard and restoration, as well as a preparation the legal offenders to have a good attitude," he stressed.

Because of the comfortable treatment to the occupants of the prison, the governor East Yorkshire, Gary Monaghan was mutated. He currently only handles the office tasks, said the department of justice.

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