Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smoking Addiction Could Pass To Your Next Generation

Researcher in United States found a new fact concerning the risk of smoking.

Currently not only the active smoker (that smoked) or the passive smoker (that only inhale the cigarette smoke), the smoker descendants was affected to.

Christopher Amos, a professor from Houston said that higher risk of smoking was when the heavy smoker had a descendants. According to Christoper, its descendants will experience the genetic deviation that cause addiction to smoke. The child of a heavy smoker the will have a possibility will become a heavy smoker to.

The child also was risky to have a lungs cancer. The gene deviation that was cause by cigarettes made the risk of lung cancer to the child become bigger.

For the smokers, remember that not only your body that will be broken, the person around as well as the child then will bear the risk from your habit.

Turn off your cigarettes.

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