Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stop Noise in CD/DVD Writer

In the end of burn process some CD/DVD Writer usually dismissed the very rustling
whistling sound. It's kinda bugging isn't it? This tutorial will help you to reduced that whistling sound.

First open Device Manager by right click on My Computer-Properties. Choose tab Hardware and click Device Manager button. In Device Manager choose "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" then choose the "IDE Channel" that used by your CD/DVD Writer(If you don't know the IDE Channel that was used, you could check it in the BIOS or other BIOS detection program) and choose Advanced Settings tab and change the transfer mode from DMA if available to PIO Only. Restart the PC

And now at the end the process burn the voice CD/DVD writer will be more silently.


Anonymous said...

It will be more silent, but do you have any idea how much you're losing ? ;-) You're moving from hardware acceleration to software ...

Anonymous said...

CPU will work very-very hard to transfer your data. Now, you've not only slowed down your DVD, but your entire system.

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