Wednesday, April 30, 2008

World Biggest Solar Generator

An electric generator center with solar power in Spain just was opened and that was the biggest in the world.

By using 120,000 solar power panels on 100 hectare land could produce the capacity as big as 20 Mega Watt or be equal to be able to support 20,000 houses.

The total cost that was spent was around 28 billion dollar and was expect to be able to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) around 42,000 ton per the year.

However, the action that was carried out by this Spanish government reap a protest from the resident with the pretext did not care about the environment because of the central opening of this electricity generator has to cut down some forests in this territory.

1 comment:

Medical Tips said...

I think every country should work on solar generator to reduce co2 and i think they should plan in it by not cutting trees.

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