Monday, April 28, 2008

The Youngest Professor in The World

This is the youngest professor in the world. Her age is just 19 years old, but this girl printed the world record as the youngest professor in the history.

She is Alia Sabur from Northport, New York, AS. This girl was indeed extraordinary. She began to speak and read when still was 8 months old! Alia completed PRIMARY SCHOOL education in the age of 5.

Alia went to college in the age of 10. And in the age of 14, she gained the degree of the scientific scholar in the field of mathematics application from the Stony Brook University, the youngest girl in the US history that succeed in carrying it out.

Alia education continue to the Drexel University and gained the M.S. degree and Ph.D. in science and engineering.

Alia said, all that she want to do is to share all her knowledge. Apart from her academic achievement that was astonishing, she also was a musician and a black belt holder in taekwondo.

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