Saturday, May 31, 2008

Microsoft Afraid

Although Google was one of a competitive threats for Microsoft, but the bigger fear was in open source.

At least that was said by Microsoft Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, in the Sanford C. Bernstein Strategic Decisions conference in New York.

According to Ozzie, although Google was a very strong competitor, but open source was regarded as more annoying threat for the Microsoft business. Open source programmer considered to have greater strength in the software market.

So, why open source was regarded as the greater threat for Microsoft? There were two reasons that were raised by Ozzie.

Firstly, open source had a strong foundation in facing Microsoft. Google, Yahoo, and Facebook was open source 'children', and they also were the biggest Microsoft competitor.

Secondly, the open source presence change consumer way of look about a software value, to US$ 0 or free. Nevertheless, Ozzie said that open source presence made Microsoft become a stronger company. So Microsoft have to make few changes in the business model one of them made software that was compatible with the open source product.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Nuclear Disaster

A band of cracker succeeded in paralyzing various sites that contain the latest information about nuclear power generator in Russia.

Along with the attack, many forum in the internet were afterwards filled with a hoax message that dangerous radioactive emissions spread from Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant near St. Petersburg, that experience damage.

Of course the news caused the panic. Because, everybody who want to get the actual information could not access the official site because of being paralyze.

The Russian authority said, the cracker attack was coordinated well. All the related sites succeed being paralyzed so the public couldn't know the actual situation.

According to the Russian nuclear company spokesperson, Rosatum, sides that were jealous with the fast development of Russian nuclear power was suspected the mastermind.

But now the sites that were attacked were restored. The sites connected with the ASKRO system (Automatic Radiation Environment Control System) to provide accurate information concerning the level of radiation or the existence of the nuclear accident.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Facts About Pregnant

You must have known the danger to smoke and consume alcohol when being pregnant, but whether you know or not that several everyday habits could also had a potential danger towards pregnancy? To help ensure healthy pregnancy, paid attention to some important facts below:

Sitting was one of the worst positions for the circulation system. Approximately each hour, you must stand and go for a walk. The best position for pregnancy was lying on your left side. Moreover, standing also good enough.

Work Out
In the 3rd or 4th months pregnancy, you still could do your favorite work out in the same portion like before being pregnant. But be better to ask for the doctors permission before you do it.

Don't wear high socks these kind of socks will wrinkled your foot below from knees, so as to cause blood clotting. Stocking and normal socks were the best choice.

Supervise vitamin consumption. Anything that was abundant always had a side effect, including when consuming vitamins. Excessive vitamins or mineral like vitamin C, A or K or calcium could result a birth defect. If you want to consume supplement, count also on vitamins that you could get from everyday food, so as to be able to determine by how many exact that was needed.

Don't taking a bath with warm or hot water. If a pregnant woman body temperature increase by above 40o Celcius, the risk of miscarriage increase by two to three times. Bathe with warm water might along for relaxation.

Restrict to consume sugar. Sugar was more easy to move compare to other particle, and could move easily along the placenta membrane. So when you were abundant consume sugar, your baby experience the same thing.

Hair Treatment
Don't curl your hair. For the 14th first weeks pregnancy, was suggest should not do curl, dye, or use other chemical to your hair. The chemicals were worried was absorb by the skin and affect the embryo who was developing. The 14th first weeks very susceptible, because at that time the baby important organs began to be formed. After three or four months, the risk begin to decrease, but better you were careful to avoid scalp medical treatment to nine months.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cracker Favorite Country

Already many countries that became cracker casualties. However if being asked to choose one, there was one country that become a cracker favorite place to launch their attack. What country is that?

According to an iDefence security expert Kimberly Zenz, cracker especially Russian cracker most like Australia as their attack target.

Why was this Kangaroo country chosen as their favorite target? Its reason was simple because there is so little banks in this country, so cracker more easy to find their prospective casualties.

For example, if the cyber criminal sent an email to the Australian resident, it just like found a bank client who could become the following casualties.

The often action was carry out by the cracker was phising, that aim at trapping the casualties with a site that contain bad program that ask for various personal information, like credit card number, name and email address.

Create Peace From A Game

Violence game might still became the gamer choice. However the presence of a game that teach peace appeared to become an antidote in the middle of a game that present brutal action.

A game that have a purpose to teach children to overcome conflict by peace without hurting other people was created by a University of Maryland professor.

The game called "Cool School : Where Peace Rules" that was available for free in the internet. In this game, children were ask to explore a full color world. To win the game, the player was prosecute to give a way out towards various conflict without violence.

For example a student that quarrel for musical instrument. The player must choose the option that was available to resolve the fight, if their choice was correct the player get one letter so they could compile the alphabet and won the game.

Two Headed Turtle

Although this isn't the first time a turtle with two head were found, but still could make people that see it feel astonish.

That also was felt by a Japanese boy who found a two headed turtle in his schoolyard in Moriyama, Japan.

The boy afterwards give it a name Takara, in English means treasure.

It seems, the two headed turtle, was very rare to found in a living state. According to the researchers, this rare turtle not as a result of pollution or chemistry, but a phenomenon of nature, that the big possibility as a result of twins embryo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raise From The Death

Someone age could not be guess. After being treated for several days, the heart of Velma Thomas stop ticking three times. And the doctors who treated her sentenced that Velma already decease.

But was not expected, after 17 hours without any heartbeat, suddenly... Velma breathed. It happens when all the medical support has been remove from her body.

On Tuesday May 27, 2008, Velma entered the local hospital in West Virginia because suffering a heart attack. Moreover when being treated in the hospital for almost 17 hours, this 59 years old woman didn't shows the signs of brain activity.

The doctor have tried as hard as they can to rescue Velma. Including stimulate the brain. However didn't have a positive development happened.

Moreover, the family has accept Velmas death and prepare the funeral procession in this hospital funeral parlor.

However, the sadness change when the team of doctor put off all the medical support that adhere on her body, miraculously, Velma come back to life.

"The lord was showing his authority", said Velmas cousin, Daniel Pence.

At that point Velma slowly move her hands, foot and finally open her eyes and spoke.

Berlin Walls Wife

For most people in the world, the Berlin Wall perhaps only a symbol of a gloomy communist pressure period. But that not what Eija Riitta Berliner Mauer thinks. For this 54 years old woman, the Berlin Wall was her husband. How come?

Eija admit to fall in love in first sight when she see the West and East Berlin separator monument during her age just 7 years old through a television and was startling, she admitted to marrying for 29 years with the Berlin Wall.

In her 6th visit to the Berlin Wall during 1979, she married this inanimate object and afterwards change her surname to Berliner Mauer, that was in German which means Berlin Wall.

"I feel this long object, thin with the horizontal line was very sexy. The Chinese wall was indeed attractive, but my husband was sexier", said Eija Riitta.

While the German people was happy during this wall to be overthrown in 1989, this woman that live in North Swedish was disappointed. "What they done really horrifying. They mutilate my husband", accused Eija.

Since that time, Eija had not come back to Berlin and kept the miniature of her husband as a memory.

Very strange ...

Buy a Car And Get Yourself a Gun

A car dealer in Missouri have an accurate method to sold out their car. The sale rate jump after this week they give a gun for free to the buyer.

Max Motors only a small dealer in Missouri but for the last three days its sale more than 30 cars or far above the normal figure.

"The sales increase by four times", said the owner, Mark Muller, the middle of this week.

The dealer logo was a cowboy who was playing its pistol. In fact the buyer could choose a prize of free gasoline costing 250 dollar. According to Muller that has chosen the gasoline only "one man from Canada and an old guy."

The weapon that he recommend was a pistol of Kel-Tec .380, that he mention as "A pretty pistol that you could put in the pocket."

Muller said the promotion inspiration because of the statement of the future US president candidate Barack Obama.

"We do this because of Barack Obama. He said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive".

Midwest was the term for the middle north US crack that include several states. Its characteristics including agriculture, livestock breeding and industry center.

"All of us every Sunday go to church and carry a gun. Even now I have a gun in my pocket, there was a rifle in my 'pick-up'. There is still many coyote that disturb our cattle and chicken".

Jump Over The Baby

The adults carried out a jump over the baby ceremony in a village of Spain, Castrillo de Murcia. The ceremony was a yearly ritual that celebrate to expel the devils.

The participants put on a clothes as the Colacho, that reflected the devil, and jump over the babies who lay on cloth.

There was a few baby that apparently watch in confuse the men who jump over, but there are those that appear not to care and continue enjoying their pacifier.

Like usual, none was hurt, both the baby and the jumper in this yearly ritual.

The Castrillo de Murcia village do this ritual since 1620 to commemorate the Catholic public holiday, Corpus Christi. The holiday was celebrate spread all over Spain with full of mystery procession and ritual.

The procession is usually enlivened with the devil character, angel, and other mystical characters.

However in the Castrillo de Murcia village, the ritual was to jump over the babies line and fortunately although almost 400 years were not reported by an accident that struck the baby, who indeed wanted to be rescue from the disturbance of the devil.

Giant Squid

Giant Squid? no wonder called giant squid, the squid that was found by a group of fisherman in south east Australian waters its length reach 6 meter. Wow...

The ship captain, Rangi Pene said that the squid around 226,8 kilogram already dead when stuck in their fish net on Sunday May 25,2008.

Paul McCoy, a sea animal biological researcher, said that needs 10 mature men to carry the squid and place it in the freezer in Portland.

Before the squid become the Victorian museum collection, the museum analysis will determine the kind, age and the cause of the death of the squid, said McCoy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Oldest Guy On Top Of Everest

This is the record of an oldest man in the world who get on the top of the highest mountain. It was Min Bahadur Sherchan, 77 years old Nepalese man succeeded in reaching the peak of Mount Everest, on Sunday, May 25,2008, local time.

Sherchan was a retired troops reach the Everest peak 25 days before his 77th birthday. Therefore he overcame the record that was held by Katsusuke Yanagisawa that arrived in the Everest peak in the age 71 years last year.

The powerful old climber explore the Everest accompanied by several climb guides (sherpa). Reported that Sherchan in the fit and well condition. In fact, beforehand Sherchan was not known as a mountain climber. Only he indeed be fond of sport and before climbing Everest he practised climbing several small mountains in Nepal.

On Thursday last week, a sherpa called Appa reached the Everest peak for the 18th time. He held the record as the most the Everest climber.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flying Car

Flying Car? It seems uptil now we only could seen it in a science fiction movie or cartoon. Until now still being a dream or not yet there is one that brave to claim has created a flying car. But if there is someone said that he has create a flying car. What do you imagine? Free from traffic jam!

In the United States, that kind of car have begun to be sold, not only to talk about. The amphibious car that was acknowledge as Transition has begun to be sold beforehand in America, and according to plan handover time of the car 2 years afterwards. Transition was Personal Air Vehicle, PAV that was the first in the world, this car has 100 horse powers, like a car generally, this car could be ran in the land, but, if you pressed the switch in the control system, both wings on the car will stretch, and become a mini aircraft that could fly in the space.

Transition develop by the postgraduate scientist from Sains and Technology Massachussetts, USA, this creative boys in fact established the Terrafugia Company that was responsible marketed and produced Transition.

At this time the number of sales has achieved 30 units more. Its speed could reach 120 km per hour, whereas the flying speed was 222 km per hour, this car was supplemented with air bag and satellite direction system, the ideal height was 3.500-8.000 feet, but it could reach 12.000 feet.

In the aspect of fuel disposal, Transition use a high octane fuel, the fuel capacity 20 gallon, when progressing in the land, maximum could go 40 mile per gallon, whereas when flying maximum 30 mile per gallon.

However, to undertake "Transition" was to have a pilot driver license of a mini aircraft, moreover must have a runway around 1 mile, because of that this company suggested be better the owner fluctuate in the airport.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spiderman 4

Are you fans of SPIDERMAN movie? Lucky you, because the next movie apparently including a movie that its production was speed up. Yup, reportedly the director of ZODIAC, James Vanderbilt, was doing the SPIDERMAN 4 script.

Not only that, its rumor, the script that was made could become two movie, so as SPIDERMAN 5 could be also made with the same time.
That was more interesting, how they made the movie at a same time (remind us like the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy that was made at a same time for 3 years).

After completing three Spidey movie, it seems will be difficult to unite Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst in one place. They names were currently are a struggle in Hollywood.

Let The Lord Who Judged

  • If you did a favor, the other person will possibly be prejudice that there is bad intentions behind your good intention. But, stay doing favor.
  • Sometimes a person thought not made sense and had an egoistic attitude. But, anyway, receive them the way it is.
  • If you were successful, you will possibly have an enemy and friends jealousy. But continue your success.
  • If you were honest and open, other person will possibly cheat you. But, continue to have a n honest attitude and to open every time.
  • What has you build up for years, could be destroy by an insider only by one night. But, don't quit and stay constructive.
  • If you found peacefulness and happiness in the heart, the other person will possibly be jealous to you. But, stay happy.
  • Goodness that you do today, possibly tomorrow was forgotten by other person. But, continue to do a favor.
  • Give the best you have and that possibly will never be enough. But, continue to give the best.

Realize that all of those were between you and the Lord. Will be never between you and other person. Don't care about what other person thought on your good deeds. But believe that the Lords eyes were direct to honest people and he could see your sincerity.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Is The Greatest Gift

A woman bumped a guy. "Oh, i'm sorry" she react. She said, "I'm sorry to, I didn't see you". The guy, and the woman, was very polite.

Finally they were apart and said goodbye. However the other story happen in the house, saw how we treated people who were loved by us, old and young. On that same day, when the woman was cooking dinner, her son stood quietly by her. When she turn over, almost made her son fall.

"Move over", she said angrily. Her son went, his small heart was so crushed. She didn't realize how rough is her words to him. When she lay in bed, softly the Lord spoke to her, "When you meet with other person you didn't know, you were polite, but the children that you love, apparently you treated with arbitrarily."

"Please see your kitchen floor, you will find several buds of flower close to the door. These flowers were picked personally by your son; pink, yellow and blue. Your son stood without any voice not to thwart the surprise for you, and in fact you didn't see tears in his eyes."

Instantly she felt ashamed, and now her tear began to drip. She slowly go to her son room and kneel down near his bed, "Get up, son, get up,", she said. "Did you pick these flowers for me?". He smiled, "I found it fell from the tree. I take these flowers because they were pretty like you."

"I know you will love it, especially the blue one". She said, "My son, I'm really regret because of being rough to you. I shouldn't shout you like earlier". Her son said, "Oh, mom, it's alright. I still always love you". She replied, "My son, I love you too, and I really like these flowers, moreover the blue one".

Did you realize that if we die tomorrow, the company where we work now could with ease look for our replacement in a day? But family that we left will feel lost for the rest of their life. Let's contemplate, we involve ourselves more in our work compare with our family, an investment that definitely more unwise, isn't it?


Underwear Robber

Five robbers act in Kuala Lumpur. It was interesting, the five men only put on an underwear and cover their face with singlet.

Chief of Police Miri City, Jamaludin Ibrahim said, on Wednesday (21/5), the five men were armed with knife and entered a house in the Sarawak state, on Sunday morning (18/5). Afterwards they woke up the family roughly.

"All of them only wearing an underwear and cover their face with singlet. We didn't know why they use this method", said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim said, after tying three occupants of the house, they took cash, several watches and a cell phone. Possibly the loot were used to buy trousers...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 Cheap Holiday Place In The World

Want to go holiday overseas but with tight budget? Choose one of places below...

Fez, Morocco
Fez was mention as the center of Moroccan culture, North Africa, where this place was not yet commercial. We could spend the night in traditional houses with garden as well as a beautiful scenery with cheap price. The food price really was covered and very delicious.

Budapest, Hungaria
If you go to West Europe, you could drop in in Budapest. In this city all the prices was far more cheaper than other city in West Europe. With exotic places like Buda Castle, Danube river that divided the city, and many others.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Economics problem in Argentina indeed already through, but the prices were still cheap there. We could also enjoy art, food and music with the very typical atmosphere.

Cusco, Peru
This is was a very beautiful place to recalled. In Cusco, many archeology buildings from several times that were good to be documented. This place also one of the world backpacker destination.

Panama City, Panama
The beach and an exotic wild life in Panama City often untouchable by tourism. Could you imagine how beautiful a place that still a 'virgin'. Most hotels was in the center of the city, but with a reasonable price.

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum only one and a half an hour from Cancun, but its atmosphere far from a stratified hotel and city crowded. The beach was very clean and much accommodation near the beach, and we don't need AC here because of a calm coastal wind.

Koh Lanta, Thailand
Koh Lanta was an alternative beach for that wanted to 'escape' from Phuket that filled by tourists. The price, not to worry, it was guaranteed not far difference from your country.

Zero House

Did you dream of a house that 100% automatic? With ZeroHouse, you would never thinking about the electric or water bill, because this house was equip with electric solar panel that stored the power in the battery, electricity could remain for 7 days although without the sun light.
Water also automatically from the rain and processed automatic hygienically, not only that organic waste was also process automatically were enough to be thrown away only 2 times in 1 year.
All the systems in the house you could arrange with laptop that already connected with the house system. The illumination system used LED light that could be switch on for 100,000 hours without replacing the LED.Interested?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Firefox 3 RC1

The development for Firefox 3 have approach the final stage. Mozilla officially announced the Release Candidate version 1 (RC1) that was ready to be thrown to the consumer to be tested.

Had the Gecko 1.9 platform as it base, Firefox 3 was claim be armed with many feature from security to the ease of use.

Several update that was offered by this browser including better password management, add-on, one-click site information, tagging, auto complete and smart bookmark folder. Firefox 3 also offered a better feature standard graphic like SVG text and canvas specification.

A change that rather radicals was also aimed for bookmark system, web address marker so to be able to kept in a personal page. This browser also support animated graphic PNG (APNG), as well as "clientTop" attribute and DOM "clientLeft".

Firefox RC1 currently could be downloaded through the Mozilla site. Was not mentioned when Firefox 3 final version will be launch, but several distro Linux communities said that it final version will slide this coming June.

Resurrect An Extinct Animal

Brought to life an extinct animal currently now not only a dream. Brought back an animal back to life like in the Jurassic Park movie, almost become a reality.

On Tuesday, May 20,2008, a group of scientist said "have resurrect" a gene from a Tasmanian tiger that was extinct.

The method precisely like in Jurassic Park. The scientist from several universities in Australia and United States extract a gene from a thylacine specimen, an animal that was similar like a dog that more was known by a name of the Tasmanian tiger. Then they resurrect this gene in a mouse embryo.

"This is the first time DNA from an extinct species was use to provoke the functional response to other living creatures," said Andrew Pask from University of Melbourne that led the project.

The last Tasmanian tiger finally died in his pen in Hobart Zoo in 1936. However, the thylacine tissue, both the young and the mature tissue, preserve in alcohol. The research team use this specimen from the Victorian Museum in Melbourne.

"The research team isolate DNA from a 100 years old specimen. After make sure that is really a thylacine DNA, then we plant it in a mouse embryo and research its function. Evidently, this thylacine DNA really could be awaken. Its function in a mouse cartilage development, that later will form bones", explained Pask.

The findings appeared to generate a dream to recreate an extinct animal. Mike Archer, a lecturer in University of New South Wales that led efforts to clone thylacine when still became the director of the Australian Museum, acknowledge these findings as a very important step.

"Personally, I really sure that could happen. I also had a team that research an extinct animal. We thought that possibly could carry out", he said to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Pask also sure that create an extinct animals possibly will be carry out one day later. However, according to him, that was not possible to be done with his team techniques at this time.

"We could indeed see a function of the genes in this animal. But, most animals had 30,000 genes", he said.

With more advance techniques, continued Pask, the researcher could possibly bring an animal that has been extinct back to life.

Nowadays where increasingly a number of species that was threaten to extinct, the findings was considered very vital.

"Our method showed that our access towards the genetic diversity of living creatures that were extinct possibly not fully destroyed," said Marilyn Renfree from University of Melbourne.

However, Renfree also warned that the aim of the research not to recreate animals that were extinct.

"That can be possibly carried out sometime in the future. But, I thought not in our generation. In our children generation, maybe. But, still was thus needed many stages before we could really carry it out.

A dream to brought back an extinct animal appeared to explode in 1993 when Jurassic Park attacked the cinema. In a film by Steven Spielberg based on a novel by Michael Crichton, was depicted by a scientists clone a dinosaur gene that was obtain from a fossil of prehistoric mosquitoes that had sucked blood of the giants animal. The prehistoric giant then was reborn and spread terror.

US$ 175 Burger

In New York, United States there was a burger that cost for US$175. Really expensive huh...

The Wall Street Burger Shoppe have just raise its 'lined with gold' burger price. From US$150 to US$175, to consolidate the predicate as the most expensive burger in New York, like that was appointed by the online newspaper, Pocket Change concerning the most expensive things in New York city.

The super expensive burger that was made from Kobe meat, black truffle, foie gras burnt, Grueye cheese, wild fungus and sowing of gold leaves on top.

The Wall Street Burger Shoppe price raised on last Monday (05/19/08), reportedly because of their rival restaurant, Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne raise the burger price to US$150 in this season.

Oh, because of a competition for the business...

Be a Boss or a Leader

How often did someone fail to become a leader because they did not act as a leader but acted as a boss. H Gordon Selfridge was a founder one of a department store in London that was the biggest department store in the world. He reached success because he become a leader not a boss.

What's the different between a leader and a boss?

Below was a comparison by Gordon Selfridge between a person that a leader or a boss type.
  • A boss employed his subordinate but a leader inspired them
  • A boss relied on his authority but a leader relied on goodwill.
  • A boss caused fear but a leader emitted love.
  • A boss said 'me' but a leader said 'us'.
  • A boss pointed out whoever was guilty but a leader showed what was wrong.
  • A boss knew how something done but a leader knew how to be done.
  • A boss demand a respect but a leader generate respect.
  • A boss said, 'Go!' but a leader, 'Let's go!'.
  • A boss always ask what do you get today but a leader said, what's your problem and come on discuss the problem.

So become a leader, not a boss..

Avoid Misery In Working

You felt misery in the workplace? You felt heavy every time you began an activity week of your routine on Monday. You felt not challenged and comfortable. Or, this was deal by you: a stern boss. Did your several workmates annoying? You felt anything that was done was considered hadn't been enough. If you continue to remain in this situations, could be confirm you will hate your work.

Why that could happen? Know the reasons so that you could avoid and end your suffering.
  1. Was involved in gossip or association with people who always found mistakes with the company, management, customer and their colleague at work. If you wallowed in misery, continually listen to stories about unhappiness and people who experience difficulty would not helping you to go out from that wallowed. Unhappiness is contagious. Move further away to avoid this virus.
  2. In unchallenge work environment, did not stimulate and unrespectful. Day by day, year by year, you were disobedient with the actual work that not fit your hope. Come to the available career consultant in the campus or the consultants agency. Look for other work opportunity; found the road to empower your expertise in a different manner. Take the test and consultations to identify the work what more could arouse you.
  3. The failure in taking responsibility of developing yourself. You could not be waiting forever to the boss who was not communicative in gave feedback with your increase and development (personal and professional). The fact is, in several organisations, you could be waiting several years for the appreciation or feedback on your achievement. Why waiting for other person? Why did not take responsibility for the sake of yourself? No one had cared in your increase and development except yourself.
  4. Remain working under a bad boss. Bad boss, the type of person who was not responsible or even only a person that can't behave, rarely could change without an extraordinary incident. The matter (that was extraordinary) could happen, but until when you will be waiting while continually complain about how miserable you are in the workplace?
  5. Work in a company that its business you don't like. Work for the company that cheated the consumer? Give false promises to the employee? Left as fast as you could.
  6. Work to a company that continually ran loss. Good company possibly from time to time experience difficulty. But, a company that operationally always approach bankruptcy reduce your optimism and enthusiasm.
  7. Remain in a work that made you feel stayed on one place. There were several reasons why you felt you did not move. Small company and didn't develop. You hadn't receive promotion because there quite minimal to learn, experience and opportunities to develop. You have speak to the boss but the problem could not be overcome. If you were ambitious enough and want to develop, this is the time to take a step outside.
  8. You try to contribute ideas to increase the work quality, but hadn't been realize. Remain in a work environment that fail to respond a suggestions from the employee definitely questioning your own suggestion value. This was poison that undermine your own belief. Look for work environment that more supportive.
  9. Small salary. For this matter, only you could understand the calculation. Ask for yourself, how appropriate you were paid? If you felt your salary was too small for your work, you had the choice.
Hopefully this could be useful for your work activity and future ...!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iron Man In Real Life

Have you watched IRON MAN? If you thought the armor that wear by Tony Stark were only a fiction, thats not fully true. Stark made an armor with a super power in a secret laboratory after being kidnapped by the band of terrorist. His armor had a super power; to fly with a supersonic speed, caught a car, fired a guided missile, and fought using various sophisticated technological devices. The box office movie spent US$ 140 billion.

Compared with the "original", Iron Man in fact lost start. The Pentagon cleared an ambitious project named XOS Exoskeleton, that is a half robot human since 1963. The project owner was Pentagons Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with Natick Soldier Research and Cornell University.

After working more than 35 years, the Pentagon succeeded in completing the Raytheon Sarcos XOS prototype. This is a portable armor equipment that could be put in a bag pack. Practical and was easy to carry everywhere. Including being brought to the battlefield. However after being installed and put on, the armor change a person into a super power robot.

The budget that spent not less than US$ 75 billion. Could be guessed, this armor was made for war. An ironic side from an advanced technology.

How ambitious is Pentagon was seen from the blue print that was compiled in 1963. The military wanted to create a robot's troops that could fly using a jet booster They could lift tons of weight as well as could hack down a computer security network.

The military researcher Serge Zaroodny proposed the project in the same year. However technology at that time was unavailable. So the project then stop.

The Robot Embryo
In 1993 the project was reactivate with a name of Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation. Seven years afterwards (2000), the super armor began to have shape. Simply, could be said the robot embryo was created.

Colonel Jack Obusek from Natick Soldier Research believe this project will be successful. Obusek was a person who didn't know tired to support the exoskeleton research, although half military scientists state the project will only waste time, cost, and resources.

Currently, although not being perfected yet, but Raytheon Sarcos XOS could be use. It form was a metal clothes that were equip by censor that connected with superfast microprocessor. The troops body (was acknowledge as the pilot) that wear it will be wrap by sheet of iron.

Not many technical data that could be access. However the armor could be packaged and assembled quickly. The censor function to detect a person movement that wear it. For example, if the pilot move the knees, then the robot knees will be move also.

It flaw, need a big capacity battery and durable to supply the power ration. Wasteful energy because being consumed by the superfast computer. The battery also must be small in measurement so could practical to bring.

As far as this is concerned the energy supply from the battery only could remain for 40 minutes. The Pentagon hope, the energy reserve could be at least use 4 to 24 hours.

The researchers were designing a generator that could give more energy supply. The energy efficiency was carry out by perfecting the hydraulic system. Moreover, the robot movement use to create electricity.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Unique Star

The astronomers were made confused by the discovery of a pulsar with an abnormal orbit that had never been seen before, in similar neutron stars proceeding fast and broadcast a radio waves vibration in an orderly fashion.

Pulsar usually has a round orbit around the young white stars, but this space object that was found moved in oval or "eccentric" tracks around the stars.

The pulsar, that was called J1903+0327, the distance 20.000 lightyear from Earth and had a mass around 1.74 sun times, that make the pulsar heavier than usually.

The pulsar had the speed 2.15 millisecond rotation period or 465 cycle per second, so the object as the 5th proceeding fastest pulsar that was known in our galaxy.

The international astronomer team felt was sure this pulsar was born in the densely populated star region that was known as the round group, before being thrown out by the star that had been circled by it.

The other theory stated that pulsar might be consisting of two stars. The pulsar possibly a system of three first stars, while approximately 100 pulsars were part of two stars team .

The team identified the pulsar as most likely being associated with the remnant of a supernova that exploded in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a companion to our Milky Way galaxy, about 4,000 years ago. Nevertheless, often the phenomenon created a black hole or vanished without a trace.

The first pulsar was observed in July 1968 by an English physicist Antony Hewish, and his pupils, Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

One Man Helicopter

Apparently these Japanese were full of innovation in fact until his old age could also still producing an amazing work. Gennai Yanagisawa 75 years old could invent a helicopter that usually only seen is the movie.
Gennai made a mini helicopter that could be ride only by one person just like in a sci-fi movie. Gennai made the design inspired from ornithoper that was designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Gennai Yanagisawa company that was located in Matsumoto at this time only succeeded in selling as many as 5 units Gen H-4 helicopter in Japan and 2 units in America costing $58,25/helicopter. Interested buying a helicopter? The helicopter speed only around 50 km/hour, but of course faster than to stuck in a traffic jam.

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Paid to throw away the garbage

People awareness for environment garbage free and pollution need more hard efforts and indeed was not easy to teach. But possibly could be successful when this "awareness" problem given a little money and this was carry out by the Chinese government.

The recycling machine box that was placed in the middle of the city definitely will make people in great numbers to worked hard threw away the garbage, especially for aluminium and plastic waste that had barcode like softdrink and other.

How not, because of each waste that was received by this machine, you will earn 0,1 yuan. After launched, in their first week could gather as many as 3,000 empty bottles.
Indeed apparently not educational but if could make China become clean moreover to welcome 2008 Olympic, apparently Chinese government not mind to spend a little money.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Werewolf From India

Were wolf not only in a movie. But this is not a man that change to wolf in the night.

Pruthviraj Patil was an adolescent with 11 years old that suffers a rare illness called 'Werewolf Syndrome', where his face and body were covered with 3 inch hair(around 7,6 cm).

This Indian boy really want to find the cure to cure this rare genetic illness that only spread in one from one billion people. Because anywhere he went, people always gaze at and mock him.

Actually, Pruthviraj have several times underwent medication like Ailopathy, Homiopathy and Ayurveda, in fact recently he also underwent laser. Unfortunately, was not yet any of this method could eliminate hairs that grew on his body.

Only had 50 people all over the world that was known suffered this hypertrichosis congenital illness , that cause hair to grow all over the body and face.

When Pruthviraj was born, the villagers inform his mother that he gave birth to a god. Others said, this child was a supernatural creature and evil.

Although his face and body were covered with hair and was acknowledged as 'Werewolf ', Pruthviraj continue to undergo a normal life. This adolescent that likes to play cricket was healthy and had a sharp memory in remembering the lesson in the school.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Julius Caesar Oldest Statue

French diver found the oldest statue of the Ancient Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, in the Rhone riverbed. The statue that was made from marble be found near Arles, the city that was established by Julius Caesar.

The ministry of French Culture said this statue came from 46 BC, that was the date of the founding of this city.

The Ministry of Culture depict this statue - that showed a man with contraction on the face and the head that went bald - resembled Julius Caesar from the Roman era.

It said that in the same place was also found a marble statue of Neptune as high as 1,8 meter from the first decade in the 3rd Century, and two smaller statue that was made from bronze.

The divers who were part of the excavation of archeology found these artifacts between September and in October 2007.

Luc Long, the archaeologist who led the excavation, said all of Julius Caesar statues that were found in Roman was made after the dictator died.

Julius Caesar was killed by a group of Roman Republic senator in 44 BC.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giant Cow

Had imagined saw a cow weighing 1 ton and the height almost reached 2 meter high? Actually in England there is a cow as big as that ...

Chilli, that was the giant cow called. The cow were 9 years old that was seen as being proper as a small elephant, seriously more than 1 ton and around 2 meter high.

Chilli that each day eat same grass as other cow, at this time live in the animal protection of Ferne in Somerset, England, where beforehand he was left in front of the Ferne door when being six days old.

The manager of the Ferne animal protection, Naomi Clarke sent a request to Guinness Book of World Records so that Chilli could listed in the world record book.

"When Chilli grew, we began realize how he was far more bigger than the other cow. We sent the request to Guinness Book of World Records and really was sure Chilli will get the new record."-Naomi Clarke-

Reportedly, the Guinness Book of Records accepted this request and will carry out some research as well as compare Chilli with other cow.

Stomach Ache, Eat Chili Pepper

Maybe it rather ironic. If you eat to much chili pepper would cause a stomach ache, but the medicine actually the pepper itself.

Chili pepper was known for it hot taste compare with any other pepper. This because chili pepper have the highest capsaicin. However, precisely this hot flavor, chili pepper really useful to expedite blood circulation, increase appetite, to relief your breathing, clear the phlegm, treat migraine. By rubbing it on your body chili pepper could be use to treat rheumatism too, medicine mixture, alleviate cold.

The hot feeling on the tongue cause a stimulation to the brain and dismiss endofin that could eliminate the feeling of being sick and causing a healthier feeling. In the reproduction system, the characteristics of chili pepper could reduce the tense and sick feeling from bad blood circulation.

Moreover, the antioxidant substance that was high enough (vitamin C and beta carotene), chili pepper could be use to overcome infertility, aphrodisiac and slow down the aging process. All part of this crop that came from tropical America, and grow in dry plain could be used as medicine.

How to use :
To drink medicine, chili pepper use in accordance with the requirement. Was not eat it directly, but being boiled first, or being to powder and pill. Outside usage, boiled chili pepper, then use its vapor to heat the sick body part. Or, crush the chili pepper until soft, then added to the sick body part. When it feel too hot, you could use the pepper leaves that were rolled.

Stomach Ache: washed fresh young leaves, then crush until soft. Add few betel limes, then stirred all in. Spread this ingredients on the stomach part that was sick.

Rheumatism: Crush 10 small pepper until soft. Add half teaspoon of betel lime and a lime distillation water, then stirred it all. Spread this ingredients in the body part that was sick.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Overcome Dry Hair With Vanilla

Dry and dull hair often made your appearance not maximal. Dry hair usually tangle and was difficult to comb or brush. But no need to spend extra cost to overcome this situation. You could made your own hair mask.

The ingredients was easy to found. You must only prepare olives oil, palm sugar and the vanilla extract. Mixed 100 ml olives oil with two tablespoons of palm sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Stir until equitable.

Add this solution to your hair in an equitable manner, then cover it with shower cap. Let it for 30 to 45 minutes. After that rinse and wash your hair. Did routinely, twice a week. And get a healthy and beautiful hair.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attraction With Tempted Aroma

BEAUTY not always relate with physical appearance. The aroma that tempt the smell often was made as a charm to attract.

Apart from give a scent and freshness, perfume also had a dual function to increase self confidence. The aroma from perfume in fact consider to be able to trigger a calm feeling and memories. Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, objects, and living spaces a pleasant smell.

The base liquid material was alcohol, this that distinguish the perfume labeling. Roman Kaiser, a perfume giant company from Swiss Givaudan, said that perfume open a new dimension in life because the aroma said many things through smell and create an aesthetic effect.

"Someone will see a thing and regard it more interesting because of its attractive aroma," he said. A perfume aroma that went out depend on a person who used it. Same perfume will spread a different aroma when rub to a different skin.

The main perfume content that was contain in perfume will blend with body aroma and produce a different reaction, depend on the activity of this person. This became a mistake for some people, they chose perfume because of being interest to other person perfume aroma. In fact when being use, results could differ.

When choosing a perfume, try to smell only three different fragrant kinds. When too many, this aroma will be mix and distort. This will make your brain could not send the clear message what kind of aroma was most appropriate.

Moreover, not only rub different perfume on one wrist. Spray each kind to the other body part and wait ten minutes for the perfume to blend with skin chemistry. Just like a dress, wear perfume had a certain label.

Appear fresh and fragrant was stunning, but if its aroma made other person felt disturb, that must be avoided. The first regulation, don't too many spray perfume, was enough to rub it in a certain skin part. It would be better if you rub it on the neck, the wrist, and the elbow.

Don't spray it on a sensitive skin surface, like near the face or behind ears. This will only make your skin become dry. Also don't spray it on hair, the alcohol content that was quite high will damage the cuticle and made the hair easy to be broken, in fact fell.

Moreover, don't spray perfume to clothes or jewelry. Because will make dull so as to cause a stain or change in color. The level of perfume scent could differ when being wrong to keep. It's best to, close tightly the perfume. Also avoid a hot and affect place by direct sun light. Currently not to hesitate to appear full of self confidence with a tempting scent.

Fantastic Funeral Under the Ocean

Around 45 feet under the surface of the ocean, was unfold a complete funeral with the main gate, gravestone inscription and even the seat.

It was Neptune Memorial Reef that was opened in autumn season in Miami, Florida.

According to its creators this was a last holiday accommodation that were perfect for them the sea lovers.

They hope in the future this funeral could be widened to 16 acre and could accommodate 125,000 bodies.

"This funeral equally good with the idea itself," said Gary Levine, a diver who currently becomes the companies shareholders who carry out this underwater funeral.

Neptune Memorial Reef was locate in a sea open area, approximately 5 km off the coast of Key Biscayne. This mean each diver who had a certificate can visit it.

For the time being, this underwater funeral only can accommodate for 850 bodies. A gravestone inscription was made from copper and bronze was installed complete with the name of the person, when their was born and death.

Even a body of an old diver Bert Kilbride (90 years old) that called himself of "The Last Pirate of the Caribean " was place on a pillar in the main gate, for his contribution to the marine world.

Kilbride was acknowledge as the oldest Cuban diver according to Guinness Book of World Records. For anyone who want to be bury here it will cost you $995 through to $6.495.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Throw Away Negative Aura

Anyone has aura, namely a field of luminous multicolored radiation around a person or object. There is bad aura and also that enchant. But don't be discourage if by chance you don't have an enchanted aura. Because, aura could be change to became positive. But must carry out several efforts so that the available potential could be blast out.

Enchanted aura, could have a contribution to change someones fate. Positive aura will broadcast charisma, spirit and fun. Its influence not fear, but precisely invite respect, amaze and love from other person.

Think positive was a foundation to jack up someone enchanted aura. To the subconscious strength to undergo a better life. A person become more authoritative and was honored. Like a clean and pure power of nature. Overcome revenge and angry like a hermit.

Aura was a physical manifestation. Where the spirit of each kind of person that radiate a light around their body with colors that changes every time in accordance with someone spirits situation. When someone control the knowledge about aura, they can know what kind of person they are. Did they tell lies or not. Moreover with this knowledge can detect someone psychological condition.

Saw an aura was the first step to enter a wider world, that is an awareness that could increase and overcome various disturbances of the illness. For example, one of the body organs experience a disturbance. After studying this knowledge you could know it through the light that was visible from the organ that was sick. Then, how we could see this aura?

Ask someone to stand in a distance approximately 60 centimeter in front of a white background. Afterwards ask this person to relax and deep breathing in. To could see aura, need a distance for 2,5 meter and a room light might not be too bright or was focus directly to their organ.

The best light was natural light. Next how to see aura, was to focus your concentration to the wall behind this person. With see through the head in the area of the shoulder.

During gaze at pass the body line, with very fast will see a white or silver cover bolted that surround the persons body. The aura that was seen was called etheric aura. Its location was adjacent to the body and was white or silver with a half centimeter thick. Aura color, had a certain emotional characteristics. Purple, for example, was a success spiritual achievement level, the Gods relations and mystique. Was located in the pituitary gland.

Indigo color as the appearance of a deep policy, artistic, self control and one with nature. Was located in the pineal gland or forehead. Blue, had a strong mind, intelligence and a thinker. Dark blue, was a suspicious characteristics. Was located in the brain. Green, balance, harmony, recuperation and easy to adapt.

Dark green, was full of deceit, cunning. Was located in the neck. Yellow, affection, kind, care and optimist. Dark yellow, suspicious and greed. Was located in the heart.
Orange, energy and body health, were related with illness and low physical vitality. Dark orange, showed low intelligence. Was located in the stomach and the spleen. Red, the physical life, ambition and was full of lust. Dark red, cruel and was full of desire.

Pink, love for nothing, gentle heart, good manners. Was located under the navel. Brown, stingy, selfish and egoist. Grey, depression, low energy and fear. Black, dishonest and meant bad. Silver, high energy and very useful. Gold, noble and high spiritual achievement.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Smallest Body Builder in The World

Apparently physical not an obstacle when someone want to be like what he dream of. This was proven by a MINI MAN from Phagwara, India, named ROMEO DEV.

"Muscular, had 80 cm height and 9 kg weight, Romeo Dev, could lift barbel weighing 1.5 kg and was recorded as the smallest body builder in the world."

Romeo very famous in his native village of Phagwara, India. Every day, the enthusiastic resident watch Romeo carrying out the weightlifting exercise in one local gym.

Although mini in size, Romeo body was classify as proportional because had 15 inch head diameter with 20 inch shoulder measurement.

"I practiced as a body builder since the last 2 years and now I think that I was the strongest dwarf in the world", said Romeo.

"Although a dwarf, that not an obstacle for me. Apart from body building, I also practice to dance and aerobic. People were very happy to see me.", he added again.

Walked For 71 Days

An old man walk step by step follow the road with his stick for 71 days. 72 years old with white hair did not obstruct his intention to visit his beloved son in the prison.

There was no option beside to walk on foot. A pickpocket stole his wallet, his intention actually to go by train.

A love of a grandfather who live in the Taihe City, Anhui, China, really was realize for the trip. He was willing to beg and scrape out for food in the garbage bin in order to be able to meet his son in the place that 600 mile distance in the Lianping City, Guangdong.

His son, Xie Fei, actually adoption. Xie Fei then acknowledge how big the love of his grandfather.

This is a true story.

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9550 Years Old Tree

Its height only 4 meter, but a spruce tree, in Sweden, it was known was 9,550 years old. Have live since the end of the ice age, this tree was recorded as the oldest in the world at this time.

The species of a Ione Norway spruce tree was found in the year 2004. The researchers found it in and around the mountainous undergrowth in the height 910 meter in the Dalarna Province, Sweden. This tree was not rare because of the inhabitants often use as a Christmas tree.

"It's long age possibility was trigger by its capacity to clone itself," said Leif Kullman, an ecology and environment professor in the Umea University, Sweden.

The stick and twig indeed was known could survive till 600 years. Kullman explain, when its stick died, new stick form from its root so its age became very long.

This tree was older than the Bristlecone Pine in White Mountain California that only was 5000 years old.

The oldest Bristlecone pine only survive till 7,500 years but grow through to 150 meter. If the age of the Bristlecone pine was measure from the line of the tree in its twig that was monitor every year, the age of the spruce tree was in Sweden measure from the tracks of radiocarbon in its root.

Kullman state the tree that its age was older than 9,550 years was impossible. Because, all the Swedish territory possibility was still being covered by ice at that time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Controversy Behind Monalisa Painting

MONALISA? The name was so extraordinary to the important secret in the world of art.
The painting that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci even could become a controversy about who in fact the model. Until now still many developing theories.

Then what more that made this woman painting with her mysterious smile to be an attraction, in fact till this second? There were few matters that made Monalisa become famous. Several of the it was:
  1. The painting become popular after being stolen from the Louvre Museum on August 21, 1911. A museum worker Vincenzo Peruggia has finally been proven to be guilty on this case. The painting was found and returned to the Louvre Museum two years afterwards.
  2. The popularity of the painting was made for song inspiration more than 10 times, and also was promote as a movie theme and various other literature art.
  3. The name of Monalisa was given to this painting 31 years after the Da Vinci death. Other title was 'La Gioconda'.
  4. There is several differences of opinion that said that Monalisa let her hair to hang loosely as being seen in the painting. However that was a contradicted with the reality that in fact was a protective cloth of the head and only several sheets of hair that was seen. Because left her hair free to hang loosely in the Renaissance was a characteristics of an unmanners young woman.
  5. The background of her painter, Leonardo da Vinci, at this time become a debate because of the Dan Brown article book "Da Vinvi Code" that stirred up the world.

There is still many of it, but five above that made Monalisa rise to sky.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Difference Between a Man and a Woman Brain

Michael Guriaan in his book explain, the difference between a man and woman brain was locate in the measurement of brain parts, how was the part connected as well as its procedure.

The basic difference between the gender was:

Spacial Difference
A man brain tend to develop and had spatial that was more complex like the mechanical planning capacity, the grating of the determination of the abstraction direction, and the manipulation of physical objects.

Verbal Difference
The area of a man brain cortex more often was consume to carry out spatial functions and tend to give a little portion to his cortex to produce and use words. The nerves that connected the left and right brain or male corpus callosum was a quarter smaller compare with the female brain. A man only use the right brain, woman could maximize both of them. That's why woman more often to speak compare with man. In a research was mention, a woman used approximately 20,000 words per day, now a man only 7,000 words!

Chemical Difference
A woman brain contain more serotonin that made her more calm. Not strange if a woman was calmer when responding to a physical threat, whereas a man was faster flew into a rage. Moreover, a woman brain also had oxitocin, that is involve in social recognition and bonding, and may be involve in the formation of trust between people and generosity. This two influence the biological trend a mans brain not to act beforehand without speaking.

Smaller Memory
A woman memory center (hippocampus) was bigger compare with a man. This is why a man was easy to forget, while a woman could remember all the details.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Mood With Flower

The power of a flower not only identical with the 60s "say it with flower" to get love. However in a newest research show that the appearance and the flower aroma personally could change our brain chemistry and could make us more positive, said Jeannette Haviland Jones, PhD, the professor of psychology and the manager of the Human Emotions laboratory in Rutgers University.

She also reveal three important reasons why we must live side by side with pretty flowers.

You Felt More Passionate
Take a fist of chrysanthemum flower and place it in an empty container when you feel sad. In a research by Haviland Jones, a woman who often accept flower by surprise will show happy signs - and still in a good mood for three days afterwards.

Lower Your Stress
When return home, went off to a place where you plant pretty and colorful flowers. Because based on a research in Harvard Medical School, a person that plant or place a flower around their house will feel fresher and lower their nervousness, although they not a flower lover.

Increased You Creativity
Put various flowers in your office to increase inspiration. Apart from felt more relax and comfortable, the researchers in Texan A&M University found that a woman had more creative ideas and solution of problem solving if having a flower in and around them.

What are your waiting for, refresh your life with flower.

Totem Tantra Chinese Luck

You possibly didn't believe this, but the advice was extraordinary. Read until finish, you will learn something!!!

Gave them more than their hope for and did that happily.

Get married with someone you love. When you got old, their conversational expertise would be as important like another thing.

Don't trust what you heard, spent all you got or slept as long as you want.

When you said, "I love you", be serious.

When you said, "I'm sorry ", look into the their eyes.

Engage at least six months before you married.

Believe in love at first sight.

Should not laugh at or underestimate a persons dream. A person who did not have a dream really a pity.

Love deeply and passionate. You will possibly be wounded, but this the only way to underwent the life.

When having a quarrel, don't mention the name.

Should not judge a person because with who they were friends.

Talk slowly but think faster.

When someone ask a question, that you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"

Remember that love and success need sacrifices.

Said "Bless You" when someone sneezing.

When you lost, don't forget the lesson you receive.

Appreciate your self; appreciate others; Be responsible for all that you have done.

Should not let a little dispute broke a big friendship.

When you realize have make a mistake took a step immediately to make things right.

Smile when accepting a telephone. The caller will know it from your voice.

Spend more time alone.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MP3 Virus

The attack of computer virus apparently not would be able to completely combated. According to a famous anti virus vendor McAfee, a trojan massive attack that disguise as MP3 file and MPEG video just was identified.

McAfee encounter many fraud MP3 file that was spread via peer to peer network. Although it's like ordinary music content, but in fact was a Trojan virus that will try to snoop a bad program to the victims computer.

According to Craig Schmugar, the researcher in McAfee, that MP3 file will drive to a bad site. Fraud MP3 file for example 'preview-t-3545425-changing times earth wind.mp3' or 't-3545425-just the gutter lucky.mp3'.

According to Schmugar, the discovery of the bad program attack that disguise as an audio file or video was biggest for the last 3 years.

Bad Breath Go Away

Bad breath often become a problem in friendship. If you ignore it, possibly could hinder your career and friendship.

To avoid bad breath, pay attention to what you eat, because it was related. Several potential food could trigger bad breath.

Food that contain sugar or flour, cause bacteria to gather in the plaque that could made the teeth to rot. Whereas natural food could wage war on the bacteria, erode the plaque, strengthen enamel, fresh breath, as well as the best way to protect the teeth.

Along several drinks and food that could help reduce bad breath:

Green Tea
The active substance called catechins that was contain in green tea could kill bacteria on the mouth at the same time eliminating sugar from the plaque.

Really was recommend to drink two to five cup green tea a day.

Water was the best way for stimulating saliva. Gargle help get rid the food leftovers from teeth gaps that cause bad breath. Don't forget to drink at least 8 glass of water every day.

Yogurt Acidophilus
Yogurt Acidophilus was a probiotics food group. If being consume every day, or drinking the acidophilus supplement and probiotics food could help maintain the health of the digestion.

Healthy digestion system, bad breath could be hinder. However be better to consult with nutrition expert.

Apples and Carrots
Many dentists recommend to digest apples or carrot, because of could help reduce bad breath. Its fiber was good for the digestion health and help you who were under a diet.

A research this last decade showed that cheese low of carbohydrate, high calcium, and contain phosphate that could give the benefit for teeth. Cheese evidently could protect teeth enamel, produce saliva, as well as kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis and teeth coral.

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US$ 2 Billion House

Don't be surprise. Imagine, an Indian billionaire make a 27 floor house, and spent US$ 2 billion.

A 27 floors building in Mumbai City it was reported will become the most big and expensive house in the world.

Its owner was Mukesh Ambani, a president director of petrochemical company Reliance Industries. He was the 5th richest person in the world. According to Forbes, the Ambani net assets around 43 billion dollar last March. The couple had three children. At this time, they live in the 22 multi-storied building in Mumbai.

Ambani new house was called Antilla. The development of the skyscraper that face the Arabian Sea was estimate to finished in January 2009. Its building reach 167 meter high, and the area of all the room around 122.000 square meter.

Forbes reported, the development cost of the Ambani house far more bigger than a hotel or similar building. Because, Ambani use the measurement, layout, and special material that he ordered personally.

A hotel or condominium had the same layout on each floors. A hotel always use material or component like the door knob, light, that was similar for each floors. However the Ambani house wasn't like it. Respectively each floor was design differently, both in the layout, material, and measurement.

At the request of his wife, Nita Ambani, if a design of metal, wood or crystal was use on the 9th floor, then material that might not be use for the other floor. Although not having a repetition, the house continue to show consistency in the style of architecture.

The idea of the development emerge when Nita Ambani relaxed in the Mandarin Oriental New York in 2005. She admire the design of the interior of the place that was stylish of Asia contemporary.

Afterwards with her husband, she consult with an architecture firm Perkins+Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. The company that design the Mandarin Oriental.

The Antilla form in fact was based on Vaastu, some kind of Feng Shui. According to the Vaastu calculation, the house could channel positive energy if the material placing, space arrangement, and the object regulation were carried out correctly.

Forbes reported, the highest floor was made as a parking lot. While main residential space was from the lobby that was equip by nine elevators. The house was supplemented with several warehouses and a place to relax.

Moreover, there was dance room that 80% of it were decorated with crystal light. A few LCD monitor, speaker, and a stage. From that room you can go to a bar, park, make up room, security room, and assistant room.

To maintain the air freshness, the Ambani family could enjoy beauty of the garden that was made four floors. Several highest floors were drafted for the Ambani to serve their business colleague or to relax. From that floor, the guests could enjoy Arabian Sea scenery.

The Ambani said, the interior of the house featured the Indian culture. Around 85% material and manpower came from India. However the Indian culture elements would blend with the contemporary architecture element.

The Prettiest Super Computer

Possibly you will think that this was a hotel lobby.

The magnificent design as well as the room aesthetics was made so beautifully just like a luxurious hotel.

The concept that was use by Marenostrum Super Computer in Barcelona, Spain. This was believe, the 9th biggest and the prettiest Super Computer in the world.

This super computer had 10,240 processors, 20 Terabyte [TB] memory and 208 Terabyte [TB] of haddisk.

Pretty isn't it?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 Ways to Exacerbated the Memory

Many factors that could cause forgetfulness, from food that was consumed, the work as well as the other activities. That not to mention with various modern technological equipment. Cell phone, computer, e-mail, as far as the internet, was talk about a technological device that could force the body and brain continued to work for 24 hours.

This kind of activity that it seems could trigger the loss of the brain capacity to remember. However, forgetfulness be able to be overcome. By following several simple tips, hopefully this could help:
  1. Focus yourself to hear and less spoke. Hearing will push us to more concentrate.
  2. Diet with discipline. Carry out a healthy diet by consuming food with a lot of protein, vegetables and fruit, will give a power injection for the brain.
  3. Try to avoid association with them who always had negative ideas. On the other hand always develop a positive thinking. Because of thinking positive could stimulate the brain.
  4. Avoided consume food with high fat. Because fats could block the artery that was supplying blood to the brain.
  5. Read, read, and read. Often to read and playing puzzle was an exercise that was very good for the brain.
  6. Take vitamins, especially vitamin E and supplement that contain zinc. Various researches show that the two elements could help slow down the early aging process as well as increase of the memory capacity.
  7. Don't consume alcohol excessively. Too much alcohol will kill the brain cells slowly.
  8. Interact with people. Because with socialize could expel the lazy feeling to the brain.
  9. Avoided consume unnecessary drugs. Moreover try to get to know the side-effect from the drug that you drank. Sleeping pills for example, it seems could result in the memory loss.
  10. Keep your body work out. Because this activity could expedite the circulation of blood to the brain.

Eight Tips For Avoiding Notebook Overheating

The exploding laptop incident because of overheat in recent times often happened. Definitely this incident made the other laptop users be more cautious.

Be cautious quite important, but don't became paranoid. For that purpose, take note 8 methods to avoid laptop overheat from Laptop Overheating.

  1. Clean the ventilation system of your laptop weekly with compressed air.
  2. Always place your laptop on a hard surface. Never place your laptop on blankets, comforters or other soft surfaces that can block fans and air vents.
  3. Turn off your computer before placing it into a briefcase or a backpack. If you need to not turn it off, place it into hibernation to avoid any processes that generate heat. Do not ever place an operating laptop in a confined space where heat can build up.
  4. Install monitoring software such as SpeedFan that allows you to watch and track the temperatures of processors, hard drives and other components.
  5. Adjust your power settings so that heat generating components – such as screens and hard drives – power down relatively quickly if they are not needed. This will help avoid needless heat generation and build up.
  6. If necessary, use a laptop cooler or a system for elevating your computer to reduce heat buildup.
  7. If you have overheating issues and your laptop is under warranty, report the problems so that you build a record of the problem existing while the warranty applies.
  8. If you are buying a new computer, look before you leap. Study the reviews and avoid models and brands with known overheating problems.

Iron Man Sequel

Still amaze after watching 'Iron Man'? Get ready for the sequel.

Marvel Entertainment just issued the first quarter year report to the shareholders on Monday (06/05/08) yesterday, at the same time giving confirmation of four movie titles that will be produce. And one of them was 'Iron Man 2'!

Possibly because of the success of its first film in the first week launching that scoop up around 100 million US Dollar, 'Iron Man 2' will become the first film in the Marvel production plan and were schedule would release on April 30, 2010 that will come.

Apart from the 'Iron Man' sequel, will also be release 'Thor' that will be directed by Matthew Vaughn on June 4 2010.

Following 'The First Avenger: Captain America', that did not lose attracted on May 6 2011 and also 'The Avengers' in July 2011.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Keyboard More Dirty Than Toilet

Some computer keyboard contain more bacteria compare with a toilet seat and becoming a health hazard.

In a test that involve 33 keyboard sample that was worn everyday, four including being stated had the potential that endanger the health with so many bacterium.

However that really horrifying, one keyboard indicate contain five times bacteria more than a sample of a toilet seat. The bacteria in this keyboard 150 times more than the normal limit that was recommended.

The bacteria that was contained like E. coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. The bacterium could be the source of food poisoning by causing stomach-ache and skin infection.

One of the causes of dirty keyboards was users eating lunch at their desk, with crumbs encouraging the growth of bacteria.

Poor personal hygiene, such as not washing hands after going to the toilet, could also be to blame, it said.

What can you do to prevent your computer from becoming a health hazard?

  • Before you start cleaning, shut down the computer and unplug it.
  • Gently wipe surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth. Lightly dampen (not wet) the cloth with a small amount of water or an approved computer cleaning fluid.
  • Unplug your keyboard, turn it upside down and shake out any loose dust and food crumbs inside. Disinfect the surface with alcohol wipes.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a rubber or brush nozzle on exterior surfaces and vents.
  • Headphones can be used by multiple people and can spread germs or even head lice. Wipe them with a damp cloth.

Beard For Charity

Social Democratic Party Chairman (SPD) that was having ambitions to be the German leader, Kurt Beck, wanted to be charitable with a unique ways. He will shave his beard than afterwards be auction and the money will be contributed.

In a panel discussion in the City of Mainz, late last week end, Beck had aspirations that the beard could help to raise fund until 1 million euro. "This must become serious efforts and not to fool around," said Beck.

Personally Beck claim still thought about it whether being still giving his beard willingly to cut for the good deed. The Beck beard not long but luxuriant.

Apart from his thick beard, the attention of the media to Beck because he is currently champion to shift the German Chancellor's leadership, Angela Merkel, in the national general election next year.

Nudist Fitness Center

A Fitness Center called "FITNESS CENTRUM" in Heteran city, the Gelderland province, Netherlands, really suck the public attention. Not doubtful, because of its concept many medias and visitor in great numbers visited this place. What for?

For the first time "FITNESS CENTRUM" in Netherlands open a fitness center for the 'NUDIST'.

This fitness place was established since March last year, was the newest blow from De Naturisten Federatie Nederland (The Federation of Netherlands Nudist).

This idea came from Patrick, the owner of the place. Beforehand Patrick discussed with various colleague in the United States, England, Germany and Belgium on his idea.

However, to be able to work out in "Fitness Centrum" the visitors were require to meet several conditions, in part; minimal age 18 years old, must be stark naked during in the fitness center, and was forbid to carry out various forms of the sexual intimidation.

Could be the idea that was brought about by Patrick inspired by the Greek that carried out the naked sport tradition?

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