Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10 Ways to Exacerbated the Memory

Many factors that could cause forgetfulness, from food that was consumed, the work as well as the other activities. That not to mention with various modern technological equipment. Cell phone, computer, e-mail, as far as the internet, was talk about a technological device that could force the body and brain continued to work for 24 hours.

This kind of activity that it seems could trigger the loss of the brain capacity to remember. However, forgetfulness be able to be overcome. By following several simple tips, hopefully this could help:
  1. Focus yourself to hear and less spoke. Hearing will push us to more concentrate.
  2. Diet with discipline. Carry out a healthy diet by consuming food with a lot of protein, vegetables and fruit, will give a power injection for the brain.
  3. Try to avoid association with them who always had negative ideas. On the other hand always develop a positive thinking. Because of thinking positive could stimulate the brain.
  4. Avoided consume food with high fat. Because fats could block the artery that was supplying blood to the brain.
  5. Read, read, and read. Often to read and playing puzzle was an exercise that was very good for the brain.
  6. Take vitamins, especially vitamin E and supplement that contain zinc. Various researches show that the two elements could help slow down the early aging process as well as increase of the memory capacity.
  7. Don't consume alcohol excessively. Too much alcohol will kill the brain cells slowly.
  8. Interact with people. Because with socialize could expel the lazy feeling to the brain.
  9. Avoided consume unnecessary drugs. Moreover try to get to know the side-effect from the drug that you drank. Sleeping pills for example, it seems could result in the memory loss.
  10. Keep your body work out. Because this activity could expedite the circulation of blood to the brain.

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