Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 Cheap Holiday Place In The World

Want to go holiday overseas but with tight budget? Choose one of places below...

Fez, Morocco
Fez was mention as the center of Moroccan culture, North Africa, where this place was not yet commercial. We could spend the night in traditional houses with garden as well as a beautiful scenery with cheap price. The food price really was covered and very delicious.

Budapest, Hungaria
If you go to West Europe, you could drop in in Budapest. In this city all the prices was far more cheaper than other city in West Europe. With exotic places like Buda Castle, Danube river that divided the city, and many others.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Economics problem in Argentina indeed already through, but the prices were still cheap there. We could also enjoy art, food and music with the very typical atmosphere.

Cusco, Peru
This is was a very beautiful place to recalled. In Cusco, many archeology buildings from several times that were good to be documented. This place also one of the world backpacker destination.

Panama City, Panama
The beach and an exotic wild life in Panama City often untouchable by tourism. Could you imagine how beautiful a place that still a 'virgin'. Most hotels was in the center of the city, but with a reasonable price.

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum only one and a half an hour from Cancun, but its atmosphere far from a stratified hotel and city crowded. The beach was very clean and much accommodation near the beach, and we don't need AC here because of a calm coastal wind.

Koh Lanta, Thailand
Koh Lanta was an alternative beach for that wanted to 'escape' from Phuket that filled by tourists. The price, not to worry, it was guaranteed not far difference from your country.

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