Sunday, May 11, 2008

9550 Years Old Tree

Its height only 4 meter, but a spruce tree, in Sweden, it was known was 9,550 years old. Have live since the end of the ice age, this tree was recorded as the oldest in the world at this time.

The species of a Ione Norway spruce tree was found in the year 2004. The researchers found it in and around the mountainous undergrowth in the height 910 meter in the Dalarna Province, Sweden. This tree was not rare because of the inhabitants often use as a Christmas tree.

"It's long age possibility was trigger by its capacity to clone itself," said Leif Kullman, an ecology and environment professor in the Umea University, Sweden.

The stick and twig indeed was known could survive till 600 years. Kullman explain, when its stick died, new stick form from its root so its age became very long.

This tree was older than the Bristlecone Pine in White Mountain California that only was 5000 years old.

The oldest Bristlecone pine only survive till 7,500 years but grow through to 150 meter. If the age of the Bristlecone pine was measure from the line of the tree in its twig that was monitor every year, the age of the spruce tree was in Sweden measure from the tracks of radiocarbon in its root.

Kullman state the tree that its age was older than 9,550 years was impossible. Because, all the Swedish territory possibility was still being covered by ice at that time.

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