Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attraction With Tempted Aroma

BEAUTY not always relate with physical appearance. The aroma that tempt the smell often was made as a charm to attract.

Apart from give a scent and freshness, perfume also had a dual function to increase self confidence. The aroma from perfume in fact consider to be able to trigger a calm feeling and memories. Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, objects, and living spaces a pleasant smell.

The base liquid material was alcohol, this that distinguish the perfume labeling. Roman Kaiser, a perfume giant company from Swiss Givaudan, said that perfume open a new dimension in life because the aroma said many things through smell and create an aesthetic effect.

"Someone will see a thing and regard it more interesting because of its attractive aroma," he said. A perfume aroma that went out depend on a person who used it. Same perfume will spread a different aroma when rub to a different skin.

The main perfume content that was contain in perfume will blend with body aroma and produce a different reaction, depend on the activity of this person. This became a mistake for some people, they chose perfume because of being interest to other person perfume aroma. In fact when being use, results could differ.

When choosing a perfume, try to smell only three different fragrant kinds. When too many, this aroma will be mix and distort. This will make your brain could not send the clear message what kind of aroma was most appropriate.

Moreover, not only rub different perfume on one wrist. Spray each kind to the other body part and wait ten minutes for the perfume to blend with skin chemistry. Just like a dress, wear perfume had a certain label.

Appear fresh and fragrant was stunning, but if its aroma made other person felt disturb, that must be avoided. The first regulation, don't too many spray perfume, was enough to rub it in a certain skin part. It would be better if you rub it on the neck, the wrist, and the elbow.

Don't spray it on a sensitive skin surface, like near the face or behind ears. This will only make your skin become dry. Also don't spray it on hair, the alcohol content that was quite high will damage the cuticle and made the hair easy to be broken, in fact fell.

Moreover, don't spray perfume to clothes or jewelry. Because will make dull so as to cause a stain or change in color. The level of perfume scent could differ when being wrong to keep. It's best to, close tightly the perfume. Also avoid a hot and affect place by direct sun light. Currently not to hesitate to appear full of self confidence with a tempting scent.

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