Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Avoid Misery In Working

You felt misery in the workplace? You felt heavy every time you began an activity week of your routine on Monday. You felt not challenged and comfortable. Or, this was deal by you: a stern boss. Did your several workmates annoying? You felt anything that was done was considered hadn't been enough. If you continue to remain in this situations, could be confirm you will hate your work.

Why that could happen? Know the reasons so that you could avoid and end your suffering.
  1. Was involved in gossip or association with people who always found mistakes with the company, management, customer and their colleague at work. If you wallowed in misery, continually listen to stories about unhappiness and people who experience difficulty would not helping you to go out from that wallowed. Unhappiness is contagious. Move further away to avoid this virus.
  2. In unchallenge work environment, did not stimulate and unrespectful. Day by day, year by year, you were disobedient with the actual work that not fit your hope. Come to the available career consultant in the campus or the consultants agency. Look for other work opportunity; found the road to empower your expertise in a different manner. Take the test and consultations to identify the work what more could arouse you.
  3. The failure in taking responsibility of developing yourself. You could not be waiting forever to the boss who was not communicative in gave feedback with your increase and development (personal and professional). The fact is, in several organisations, you could be waiting several years for the appreciation or feedback on your achievement. Why waiting for other person? Why did not take responsibility for the sake of yourself? No one had cared in your increase and development except yourself.
  4. Remain working under a bad boss. Bad boss, the type of person who was not responsible or even only a person that can't behave, rarely could change without an extraordinary incident. The matter (that was extraordinary) could happen, but until when you will be waiting while continually complain about how miserable you are in the workplace?
  5. Work in a company that its business you don't like. Work for the company that cheated the consumer? Give false promises to the employee? Left as fast as you could.
  6. Work to a company that continually ran loss. Good company possibly from time to time experience difficulty. But, a company that operationally always approach bankruptcy reduce your optimism and enthusiasm.
  7. Remain in a work that made you feel stayed on one place. There were several reasons why you felt you did not move. Small company and didn't develop. You hadn't receive promotion because there quite minimal to learn, experience and opportunities to develop. You have speak to the boss but the problem could not be overcome. If you were ambitious enough and want to develop, this is the time to take a step outside.
  8. You try to contribute ideas to increase the work quality, but hadn't been realize. Remain in a work environment that fail to respond a suggestions from the employee definitely questioning your own suggestion value. This was poison that undermine your own belief. Look for work environment that more supportive.
  9. Small salary. For this matter, only you could understand the calculation. Ask for yourself, how appropriate you were paid? If you felt your salary was too small for your work, you had the choice.
Hopefully this could be useful for your work activity and future ...!!!

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