Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Be a Boss or a Leader

How often did someone fail to become a leader because they did not act as a leader but acted as a boss. H Gordon Selfridge was a founder one of a department store in London that was the biggest department store in the world. He reached success because he become a leader not a boss.

What's the different between a leader and a boss?

Below was a comparison by Gordon Selfridge between a person that a leader or a boss type.
  • A boss employed his subordinate but a leader inspired them
  • A boss relied on his authority but a leader relied on goodwill.
  • A boss caused fear but a leader emitted love.
  • A boss said 'me' but a leader said 'us'.
  • A boss pointed out whoever was guilty but a leader showed what was wrong.
  • A boss knew how something done but a leader knew how to be done.
  • A boss demand a respect but a leader generate respect.
  • A boss said, 'Go!' but a leader, 'Let's go!'.
  • A boss always ask what do you get today but a leader said, what's your problem and come on discuss the problem.

So become a leader, not a boss..

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