Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Berlin Walls Wife

For most people in the world, the Berlin Wall perhaps only a symbol of a gloomy communist pressure period. But that not what Eija Riitta Berliner Mauer thinks. For this 54 years old woman, the Berlin Wall was her husband. How come?

Eija admit to fall in love in first sight when she see the West and East Berlin separator monument during her age just 7 years old through a television and was startling, she admitted to marrying for 29 years with the Berlin Wall.

In her 6th visit to the Berlin Wall during 1979, she married this inanimate object and afterwards change her surname to Berliner Mauer, that was in German which means Berlin Wall.

"I feel this long object, thin with the horizontal line was very sexy. The Chinese wall was indeed attractive, but my husband was sexier", said Eija Riitta.

While the German people was happy during this wall to be overthrown in 1989, this woman that live in North Swedish was disappointed. "What they done really horrifying. They mutilate my husband", accused Eija.

Since that time, Eija had not come back to Berlin and kept the miniature of her husband as a memory.

Very strange ...

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