Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stomach Ache, Eat Chili Pepper

Maybe it rather ironic. If you eat to much chili pepper would cause a stomach ache, but the medicine actually the pepper itself.

Chili pepper was known for it hot taste compare with any other pepper. This because chili pepper have the highest capsaicin. However, precisely this hot flavor, chili pepper really useful to expedite blood circulation, increase appetite, to relief your breathing, clear the phlegm, treat migraine. By rubbing it on your body chili pepper could be use to treat rheumatism too, medicine mixture, alleviate cold.

The hot feeling on the tongue cause a stimulation to the brain and dismiss endofin that could eliminate the feeling of being sick and causing a healthier feeling. In the reproduction system, the characteristics of chili pepper could reduce the tense and sick feeling from bad blood circulation.

Moreover, the antioxidant substance that was high enough (vitamin C and beta carotene), chili pepper could be use to overcome infertility, aphrodisiac and slow down the aging process. All part of this crop that came from tropical America, and grow in dry plain could be used as medicine.

How to use :
To drink medicine, chili pepper use in accordance with the requirement. Was not eat it directly, but being boiled first, or being to powder and pill. Outside usage, boiled chili pepper, then use its vapor to heat the sick body part. Or, crush the chili pepper until soft, then added to the sick body part. When it feel too hot, you could use the pepper leaves that were rolled.

Stomach Ache: washed fresh young leaves, then crush until soft. Add few betel limes, then stirred all in. Spread this ingredients on the stomach part that was sick.

Rheumatism: Crush 10 small pepper until soft. Add half teaspoon of betel lime and a lime distillation water, then stirred it all. Spread this ingredients in the body part that was sick.

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