Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Controversy Behind Monalisa Painting

MONALISA? The name was so extraordinary to the important secret in the world of art.
The painting that was painted by Leonardo da Vinci even could become a controversy about who in fact the model. Until now still many developing theories.

Then what more that made this woman painting with her mysterious smile to be an attraction, in fact till this second? There were few matters that made Monalisa become famous. Several of the it was:
  1. The painting become popular after being stolen from the Louvre Museum on August 21, 1911. A museum worker Vincenzo Peruggia has finally been proven to be guilty on this case. The painting was found and returned to the Louvre Museum two years afterwards.
  2. The popularity of the painting was made for song inspiration more than 10 times, and also was promote as a movie theme and various other literature art.
  3. The name of Monalisa was given to this painting 31 years after the Da Vinci death. Other title was 'La Gioconda'.
  4. There is several differences of opinion that said that Monalisa let her hair to hang loosely as being seen in the painting. However that was a contradicted with the reality that in fact was a protective cloth of the head and only several sheets of hair that was seen. Because left her hair free to hang loosely in the Renaissance was a characteristics of an unmanners young woman.
  5. The background of her painter, Leonardo da Vinci, at this time become a debate because of the Dan Brown article book "Da Vinvi Code" that stirred up the world.

There is still many of it, but five above that made Monalisa rise to sky.

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