Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cracker Favorite Country

Already many countries that became cracker casualties. However if being asked to choose one, there was one country that become a cracker favorite place to launch their attack. What country is that?

According to an iDefence security expert Kimberly Zenz, cracker especially Russian cracker most like Australia as their attack target.

Why was this Kangaroo country chosen as their favorite target? Its reason was simple because there is so little banks in this country, so cracker more easy to find their prospective casualties.

For example, if the cyber criminal sent an email to the Australian resident, it just like found a bank client who could become the following casualties.

The often action was carry out by the cracker was phising, that aim at trapping the casualties with a site that contain bad program that ask for various personal information, like credit card number, name and email address.

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