Friday, May 9, 2008

Difference Between a Man and a Woman Brain

Michael Guriaan in his book explain, the difference between a man and woman brain was locate in the measurement of brain parts, how was the part connected as well as its procedure.

The basic difference between the gender was:

Spacial Difference
A man brain tend to develop and had spatial that was more complex like the mechanical planning capacity, the grating of the determination of the abstraction direction, and the manipulation of physical objects.

Verbal Difference
The area of a man brain cortex more often was consume to carry out spatial functions and tend to give a little portion to his cortex to produce and use words. The nerves that connected the left and right brain or male corpus callosum was a quarter smaller compare with the female brain. A man only use the right brain, woman could maximize both of them. That's why woman more often to speak compare with man. In a research was mention, a woman used approximately 20,000 words per day, now a man only 7,000 words!

Chemical Difference
A woman brain contain more serotonin that made her more calm. Not strange if a woman was calmer when responding to a physical threat, whereas a man was faster flew into a rage. Moreover, a woman brain also had oxitocin, that is involve in social recognition and bonding, and may be involve in the formation of trust between people and generosity. This two influence the biological trend a mans brain not to act beforehand without speaking.

Smaller Memory
A woman memory center (hippocampus) was bigger compare with a man. This is why a man was easy to forget, while a woman could remember all the details.

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