Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eight Tips For Avoiding Notebook Overheating

The exploding laptop incident because of overheat in recent times often happened. Definitely this incident made the other laptop users be more cautious.

Be cautious quite important, but don't became paranoid. For that purpose, take note 8 methods to avoid laptop overheat from Laptop Overheating.

  1. Clean the ventilation system of your laptop weekly with compressed air.
  2. Always place your laptop on a hard surface. Never place your laptop on blankets, comforters or other soft surfaces that can block fans and air vents.
  3. Turn off your computer before placing it into a briefcase or a backpack. If you need to not turn it off, place it into hibernation to avoid any processes that generate heat. Do not ever place an operating laptop in a confined space where heat can build up.
  4. Install monitoring software such as SpeedFan that allows you to watch and track the temperatures of processors, hard drives and other components.
  5. Adjust your power settings so that heat generating components – such as screens and hard drives – power down relatively quickly if they are not needed. This will help avoid needless heat generation and build up.
  6. If necessary, use a laptop cooler or a system for elevating your computer to reduce heat buildup.
  7. If you have overheating issues and your laptop is under warranty, report the problems so that you build a record of the problem existing while the warranty applies.
  8. If you are buying a new computer, look before you leap. Study the reviews and avoid models and brands with known overheating problems.

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