Thursday, May 29, 2008

Facts About Pregnant

You must have known the danger to smoke and consume alcohol when being pregnant, but whether you know or not that several everyday habits could also had a potential danger towards pregnancy? To help ensure healthy pregnancy, paid attention to some important facts below:

Sitting was one of the worst positions for the circulation system. Approximately each hour, you must stand and go for a walk. The best position for pregnancy was lying on your left side. Moreover, standing also good enough.

Work Out
In the 3rd or 4th months pregnancy, you still could do your favorite work out in the same portion like before being pregnant. But be better to ask for the doctors permission before you do it.

Don't wear high socks these kind of socks will wrinkled your foot below from knees, so as to cause blood clotting. Stocking and normal socks were the best choice.

Supervise vitamin consumption. Anything that was abundant always had a side effect, including when consuming vitamins. Excessive vitamins or mineral like vitamin C, A or K or calcium could result a birth defect. If you want to consume supplement, count also on vitamins that you could get from everyday food, so as to be able to determine by how many exact that was needed.

Don't taking a bath with warm or hot water. If a pregnant woman body temperature increase by above 40o Celcius, the risk of miscarriage increase by two to three times. Bathe with warm water might along for relaxation.

Restrict to consume sugar. Sugar was more easy to move compare to other particle, and could move easily along the placenta membrane. So when you were abundant consume sugar, your baby experience the same thing.

Hair Treatment
Don't curl your hair. For the 14th first weeks pregnancy, was suggest should not do curl, dye, or use other chemical to your hair. The chemicals were worried was absorb by the skin and affect the embryo who was developing. The 14th first weeks very susceptible, because at that time the baby important organs began to be formed. After three or four months, the risk begin to decrease, but better you were careful to avoid scalp medical treatment to nine months.

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