Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Is The Greatest Gift

A woman bumped a guy. "Oh, i'm sorry" she react. She said, "I'm sorry to, I didn't see you". The guy, and the woman, was very polite.

Finally they were apart and said goodbye. However the other story happen in the house, saw how we treated people who were loved by us, old and young. On that same day, when the woman was cooking dinner, her son stood quietly by her. When she turn over, almost made her son fall.

"Move over", she said angrily. Her son went, his small heart was so crushed. She didn't realize how rough is her words to him. When she lay in bed, softly the Lord spoke to her, "When you meet with other person you didn't know, you were polite, but the children that you love, apparently you treated with arbitrarily."

"Please see your kitchen floor, you will find several buds of flower close to the door. These flowers were picked personally by your son; pink, yellow and blue. Your son stood without any voice not to thwart the surprise for you, and in fact you didn't see tears in his eyes."

Instantly she felt ashamed, and now her tear began to drip. She slowly go to her son room and kneel down near his bed, "Get up, son, get up,", she said. "Did you pick these flowers for me?". He smiled, "I found it fell from the tree. I take these flowers because they were pretty like you."

"I know you will love it, especially the blue one". She said, "My son, I'm really regret because of being rough to you. I shouldn't shout you like earlier". Her son said, "Oh, mom, it's alright. I still always love you". She replied, "My son, I love you too, and I really like these flowers, moreover the blue one".

Did you realize that if we die tomorrow, the company where we work now could with ease look for our replacement in a day? But family that we left will feel lost for the rest of their life. Let's contemplate, we involve ourselves more in our work compare with our family, an investment that definitely more unwise, isn't it?


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