Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantastic Funeral Under the Ocean

Around 45 feet under the surface of the ocean, was unfold a complete funeral with the main gate, gravestone inscription and even the seat.

It was Neptune Memorial Reef that was opened in autumn season in Miami, Florida.

According to its creators this was a last holiday accommodation that were perfect for them the sea lovers.

They hope in the future this funeral could be widened to 16 acre and could accommodate 125,000 bodies.

"This funeral equally good with the idea itself," said Gary Levine, a diver who currently becomes the companies shareholders who carry out this underwater funeral.

Neptune Memorial Reef was locate in a sea open area, approximately 5 km off the coast of Key Biscayne. This mean each diver who had a certificate can visit it.

For the time being, this underwater funeral only can accommodate for 850 bodies. A gravestone inscription was made from copper and bronze was installed complete with the name of the person, when their was born and death.

Even a body of an old diver Bert Kilbride (90 years old) that called himself of "The Last Pirate of the Caribean " was place on a pillar in the main gate, for his contribution to the marine world.

Kilbride was acknowledge as the oldest Cuban diver according to Guinness Book of World Records. For anyone who want to be bury here it will cost you $995 through to $6.495.

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