Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Firefox 3 RC1

The development for Firefox 3 have approach the final stage. Mozilla officially announced the Release Candidate version 1 (RC1) that was ready to be thrown to the consumer to be tested.

Had the Gecko 1.9 platform as it base, Firefox 3 was claim be armed with many feature from security to the ease of use.

Several update that was offered by this browser including better password management, add-on, one-click site information, tagging, auto complete and smart bookmark folder. Firefox 3 also offered a better feature standard graphic like SVG text and canvas specification.

A change that rather radicals was also aimed for bookmark system, web address marker so to be able to kept in a personal page. This browser also support animated graphic PNG (APNG), as well as "clientTop" attribute and DOM "clientLeft".

Firefox RC1 currently could be downloaded through the Mozilla site. Was not mentioned when Firefox 3 final version will be launch, but several distro Linux communities said that it final version will slide this coming June.

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