Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flying Car

Flying Car? It seems uptil now we only could seen it in a science fiction movie or cartoon. Until now still being a dream or not yet there is one that brave to claim has created a flying car. But if there is someone said that he has create a flying car. What do you imagine? Free from traffic jam!

In the United States, that kind of car have begun to be sold, not only to talk about. The amphibious car that was acknowledge as Transition has begun to be sold beforehand in America, and according to plan handover time of the car 2 years afterwards. Transition was Personal Air Vehicle, PAV that was the first in the world, this car has 100 horse powers, like a car generally, this car could be ran in the land, but, if you pressed the switch in the control system, both wings on the car will stretch, and become a mini aircraft that could fly in the space.

Transition develop by the postgraduate scientist from Sains and Technology Massachussetts, USA, this creative boys in fact established the Terrafugia Company that was responsible marketed and produced Transition.

At this time the number of sales has achieved 30 units more. Its speed could reach 120 km per hour, whereas the flying speed was 222 km per hour, this car was supplemented with air bag and satellite direction system, the ideal height was 3.500-8.000 feet, but it could reach 12.000 feet.

In the aspect of fuel disposal, Transition use a high octane fuel, the fuel capacity 20 gallon, when progressing in the land, maximum could go 40 mile per gallon, whereas when flying maximum 30 mile per gallon.

However, to undertake "Transition" was to have a pilot driver license of a mini aircraft, moreover must have a runway around 1 mile, because of that this company suggested be better the owner fluctuate in the airport.


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