Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giant Cow

Had imagined saw a cow weighing 1 ton and the height almost reached 2 meter high? Actually in England there is a cow as big as that ...

Chilli, that was the giant cow called. The cow were 9 years old that was seen as being proper as a small elephant, seriously more than 1 ton and around 2 meter high.

Chilli that each day eat same grass as other cow, at this time live in the animal protection of Ferne in Somerset, England, where beforehand he was left in front of the Ferne door when being six days old.

The manager of the Ferne animal protection, Naomi Clarke sent a request to Guinness Book of World Records so that Chilli could listed in the world record book.

"When Chilli grew, we began realize how he was far more bigger than the other cow. We sent the request to Guinness Book of World Records and really was sure Chilli will get the new record."-Naomi Clarke-

Reportedly, the Guinness Book of Records accepted this request and will carry out some research as well as compare Chilli with other cow.

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