Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Mood With Flower

The power of a flower not only identical with the 60s "say it with flower" to get love. However in a newest research show that the appearance and the flower aroma personally could change our brain chemistry and could make us more positive, said Jeannette Haviland Jones, PhD, the professor of psychology and the manager of the Human Emotions laboratory in Rutgers University.

She also reveal three important reasons why we must live side by side with pretty flowers.

You Felt More Passionate
Take a fist of chrysanthemum flower and place it in an empty container when you feel sad. In a research by Haviland Jones, a woman who often accept flower by surprise will show happy signs - and still in a good mood for three days afterwards.

Lower Your Stress
When return home, went off to a place where you plant pretty and colorful flowers. Because based on a research in Harvard Medical School, a person that plant or place a flower around their house will feel fresher and lower their nervousness, although they not a flower lover.

Increased You Creativity
Put various flowers in your office to increase inspiration. Apart from felt more relax and comfortable, the researchers in Texan A&M University found that a woman had more creative ideas and solution of problem solving if having a flower in and around them.

What are your waiting for, refresh your life with flower.

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