Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gorilla Can Get A Heart Attack

Heart attack was not only experience by human, animal also could experience it too!
This was experience by a male gorilla named Kuja in the "National Zoo".

The available officials in this zoo claim was very startled, at that time Kuja was playing and suddenly fell.

Kuja at that time was unconscious and immediately run off to the hospital. By the doctor, Kuja was stated contracted a heart attack.

The team of doctor afterwards intend to implant a heart pacemaker to Kuja. However, this intention was not implement because Kuja died in the operation table and close his eyes forevermore in the age of 23.

This not the first incident a gorilla was killed from a heart attack. The team of veterinary surgeon of National Zoo suspect, these monkeys contracted a heart attack because of an unhealthy life.

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