Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iron Man In Real Life

Have you watched IRON MAN? If you thought the armor that wear by Tony Stark were only a fiction, thats not fully true. Stark made an armor with a super power in a secret laboratory after being kidnapped by the band of terrorist. His armor had a super power; to fly with a supersonic speed, caught a car, fired a guided missile, and fought using various sophisticated technological devices. The box office movie spent US$ 140 billion.

Compared with the "original", Iron Man in fact lost start. The Pentagon cleared an ambitious project named XOS Exoskeleton, that is a half robot human since 1963. The project owner was Pentagons Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with Natick Soldier Research and Cornell University.

After working more than 35 years, the Pentagon succeeded in completing the Raytheon Sarcos XOS prototype. This is a portable armor equipment that could be put in a bag pack. Practical and was easy to carry everywhere. Including being brought to the battlefield. However after being installed and put on, the armor change a person into a super power robot.

The budget that spent not less than US$ 75 billion. Could be guessed, this armor was made for war. An ironic side from an advanced technology.

How ambitious is Pentagon was seen from the blue print that was compiled in 1963. The military wanted to create a robot's troops that could fly using a jet booster They could lift tons of weight as well as could hack down a computer security network.

The military researcher Serge Zaroodny proposed the project in the same year. However technology at that time was unavailable. So the project then stop.

The Robot Embryo
In 1993 the project was reactivate with a name of Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation. Seven years afterwards (2000), the super armor began to have shape. Simply, could be said the robot embryo was created.

Colonel Jack Obusek from Natick Soldier Research believe this project will be successful. Obusek was a person who didn't know tired to support the exoskeleton research, although half military scientists state the project will only waste time, cost, and resources.

Currently, although not being perfected yet, but Raytheon Sarcos XOS could be use. It form was a metal clothes that were equip by censor that connected with superfast microprocessor. The troops body (was acknowledge as the pilot) that wear it will be wrap by sheet of iron.

Not many technical data that could be access. However the armor could be packaged and assembled quickly. The censor function to detect a person movement that wear it. For example, if the pilot move the knees, then the robot knees will be move also.

It flaw, need a big capacity battery and durable to supply the power ration. Wasteful energy because being consumed by the superfast computer. The battery also must be small in measurement so could practical to bring.

As far as this is concerned the energy supply from the battery only could remain for 40 minutes. The Pentagon hope, the energy reserve could be at least use 4 to 24 hours.

The researchers were designing a generator that could give more energy supply. The energy efficiency was carry out by perfecting the hydraulic system. Moreover, the robot movement use to create electricity.

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