Friday, May 16, 2008

Julius Caesar Oldest Statue

French diver found the oldest statue of the Ancient Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, in the Rhone riverbed. The statue that was made from marble be found near Arles, the city that was established by Julius Caesar.

The ministry of French Culture said this statue came from 46 BC, that was the date of the founding of this city.

The Ministry of Culture depict this statue - that showed a man with contraction on the face and the head that went bald - resembled Julius Caesar from the Roman era.

It said that in the same place was also found a marble statue of Neptune as high as 1,8 meter from the first decade in the 3rd Century, and two smaller statue that was made from bronze.

The divers who were part of the excavation of archeology found these artifacts between September and in October 2007.

Luc Long, the archaeologist who led the excavation, said all of Julius Caesar statues that were found in Roman was made after the dictator died.

Julius Caesar was killed by a group of Roman Republic senator in 44 BC.

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