Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jump Over The Baby

The adults carried out a jump over the baby ceremony in a village of Spain, Castrillo de Murcia. The ceremony was a yearly ritual that celebrate to expel the devils.

The participants put on a clothes as the Colacho, that reflected the devil, and jump over the babies who lay on cloth.

There was a few baby that apparently watch in confuse the men who jump over, but there are those that appear not to care and continue enjoying their pacifier.

Like usual, none was hurt, both the baby and the jumper in this yearly ritual.

The Castrillo de Murcia village do this ritual since 1620 to commemorate the Catholic public holiday, Corpus Christi. The holiday was celebrate spread all over Spain with full of mystery procession and ritual.

The procession is usually enlivened with the devil character, angel, and other mystical characters.

However in the Castrillo de Murcia village, the ritual was to jump over the babies line and fortunately although almost 400 years were not reported by an accident that struck the baby, who indeed wanted to be rescue from the disturbance of the devil.

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