Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let The Lord Who Judged

  • If you did a favor, the other person will possibly be prejudice that there is bad intentions behind your good intention. But, stay doing favor.
  • Sometimes a person thought not made sense and had an egoistic attitude. But, anyway, receive them the way it is.
  • If you were successful, you will possibly have an enemy and friends jealousy. But continue your success.
  • If you were honest and open, other person will possibly cheat you. But, continue to have a n honest attitude and to open every time.
  • What has you build up for years, could be destroy by an insider only by one night. But, don't quit and stay constructive.
  • If you found peacefulness and happiness in the heart, the other person will possibly be jealous to you. But, stay happy.
  • Goodness that you do today, possibly tomorrow was forgotten by other person. But, continue to do a favor.
  • Give the best you have and that possibly will never be enough. But, continue to give the best.

Realize that all of those were between you and the Lord. Will be never between you and other person. Don't care about what other person thought on your good deeds. But believe that the Lords eyes were direct to honest people and he could see your sincerity.

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