Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mourned Day for Love

If on February 14 was known with Valentine celebration or the Affection day, in South Korea have a unique celebration that fell on April 14 that is the Black Day.

In this day the Korean who did not yet find the love in their life will dress in unclear colors and eat black food that is typical like Chinese noodles with thick sauce from black soybean.

"My last Valentine was very bad and I felt more lonely during the White Days and now I cried in front a black noodles cup", said a woman. "I hope next year could be better", she said.

In South Korea, Valentine Day, a woman bought a gift for her boyfriend. Afterwards, on March 14, they celebrate White Day, that was popularized by the Japanese, where the boyfriend gave a gift to the girl.

In a university all over the country today, was reported the students who did not have a couple order a black noodles to eat along with them who also did not have a couple.

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