Friday, May 30, 2008

Nuclear Disaster

A band of cracker succeeded in paralyzing various sites that contain the latest information about nuclear power generator in Russia.

Along with the attack, many forum in the internet were afterwards filled with a hoax message that dangerous radioactive emissions spread from Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant near St. Petersburg, that experience damage.

Of course the news caused the panic. Because, everybody who want to get the actual information could not access the official site because of being paralyze.

The Russian authority said, the cracker attack was coordinated well. All the related sites succeed being paralyzed so the public couldn't know the actual situation.

According to the Russian nuclear company spokesperson, Rosatum, sides that were jealous with the fast development of Russian nuclear power was suspected the mastermind.

But now the sites that were attacked were restored. The sites connected with the ASKRO system (Automatic Radiation Environment Control System) to provide accurate information concerning the level of radiation or the existence of the nuclear accident.

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