Monday, May 5, 2008

Nudist Fitness Center

A Fitness Center called "FITNESS CENTRUM" in Heteran city, the Gelderland province, Netherlands, really suck the public attention. Not doubtful, because of its concept many medias and visitor in great numbers visited this place. What for?

For the first time "FITNESS CENTRUM" in Netherlands open a fitness center for the 'NUDIST'.

This fitness place was established since March last year, was the newest blow from De Naturisten Federatie Nederland (The Federation of Netherlands Nudist).

This idea came from Patrick, the owner of the place. Beforehand Patrick discussed with various colleague in the United States, England, Germany and Belgium on his idea.

However, to be able to work out in "Fitness Centrum" the visitors were require to meet several conditions, in part; minimal age 18 years old, must be stark naked during in the fitness center, and was forbid to carry out various forms of the sexual intimidation.

Could be the idea that was brought about by Patrick inspired by the Greek that carried out the naked sport tradition?

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