Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Man Helicopter

Apparently these Japanese were full of innovation in fact until his old age could also still producing an amazing work. Gennai Yanagisawa 75 years old could invent a helicopter that usually only seen is the movie.
Gennai made a mini helicopter that could be ride only by one person just like in a sci-fi movie. Gennai made the design inspired from ornithoper that was designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Gennai Yanagisawa company that was located in Matsumoto at this time only succeeded in selling as many as 5 units Gen H-4 helicopter in Japan and 2 units in America costing $58,25/helicopter. Interested buying a helicopter? The helicopter speed only around 50 km/hour, but of course faster than to stuck in a traffic jam.

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