Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raise From The Death

Someone age could not be guess. After being treated for several days, the heart of Velma Thomas stop ticking three times. And the doctors who treated her sentenced that Velma already decease.

But was not expected, after 17 hours without any heartbeat, suddenly... Velma breathed. It happens when all the medical support has been remove from her body.

On Tuesday May 27, 2008, Velma entered the local hospital in West Virginia because suffering a heart attack. Moreover when being treated in the hospital for almost 17 hours, this 59 years old woman didn't shows the signs of brain activity.

The doctor have tried as hard as they can to rescue Velma. Including stimulate the brain. However didn't have a positive development happened.

Moreover, the family has accept Velmas death and prepare the funeral procession in this hospital funeral parlor.

However, the sadness change when the team of doctor put off all the medical support that adhere on her body, miraculously, Velma come back to life.

"The lord was showing his authority", said Velmas cousin, Daniel Pence.

At that point Velma slowly move her hands, foot and finally open her eyes and spoke.

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